The (Unexpected and Overlooked) Biggest Key To Growing A Roofing Business

There are a wide number of variables that go into a thriving business and there’s no secret sauce for “overnight success.” But there is a widely overlooked, vastly under-appreciated skill…

Raising The Roof On Customer Service

Are you looking to improve the customer service in your roofing company? Lucas Blos from Saenz Global is here to share his top tips!

The Benefits Of Rainwater Harvesting

Is rainwater harvesting worth it for your home or business? Check out Castagra's blog to learn some of the benefits of rainwater harvesting!

What Is The Most Sustainable New Commercial Roofing System?

What is the most sustainable new commercial roofing system? National Training Manager, Jef McCurdy, takes a look at what he thinks are the most sustainable options.
Podcasts for Roofers

The Top 10 Podcasts For ROOFERS (In 2023)

Castagra's annual Top 10 Podcasts For Roofers list is here! Read on for all the best roofing podcasts you need to listen to in 2023.

Motivating A New Generation Into A Career In Roofing

There's a major labor shortage in the roofing industry that’s becoming increasingly challenging to navigate. Read on to learn more about today’s labor shortage, and how you can address the…

Roof Coating Field Adhesion Test (The Castagra Method)

Castagra's Ecodur roof coating outperforms industry standards for roof coatings. Because of this, we have set higher standards for what constitutes a pass for Ecodur in a field adhesion test.…

5 Tips To Nail Your Sales Pitch (For Commercial Roofers)

Are you a commercial roofer looking to nail your next sales pitch? Roofing sales expert, Adam Bensman, aka The Roof Strategist, is here to share his top 5 tips to…

Guide To Scaling Your Commercial Roofing Business

What are the main problems that prevent the growth of a company? If you’re looking to expand your roofing company in the commercial space, this blog will help you think…

Social Media Tips for Commercial Roofing Contractors (2022)

Are you a commercial roofing contractor interested in promoting your company on social media? Check out our list of the top social media tips for commercial roofing contractors in 2022!…

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