Ecodur Roof Coatings


Extreme adhesion to avoid costly tear-offs

Repair and restore flat roofs in less time with jaw-dropping adhesion

Hands down the best Flat Roof Product of the Century. Just see a demo of [Ecodur] and the product will sell itself.

— J.R.B. Enterprises


No other commercial roof coating bonds to the substrate like Ecodur. Designed for repairing and restoring even the most difficult substrates, 100% sustainable Ecodur Roof Coatings offer the best adhesion in the industry — up to 3x the strength of most conventional roof coatings!


Ecodur helps your customers avoid costly roof replacements and saves you time and labor.


No more time-consuming & costly tear-offs

With Castagra's Ecodur Roof Coatings, you can stop further damage to a flat roof without reroofing. Ecodur’s extreme adhesion and durability means it can usually be applied directly over hard-to-coat substrates, without the need for spudding or complete tear-off — saving you time and labor!

Unparalleled performance

    Ecodur is the flat roof coating of choice for longevity, waterproofing, and heat deterrence. Over the past three decades, more than 10,000 tests have been performed to prove and improve Ecodur’s performance, including:

  • Waterproof testing

  • Long-term UV tests

  • Saltwater emersion tests

  • Chemical resistance testing

  • Abrasion testing

  • Fire-resistance tests

    The results? Ecodur Roof Coating offers you:

  • Amazing waterproofing and UV resistance

  • Fast curing at any mil thickness!

  • Lifetime flexibility and repairability

  • Resistance to impact from debris and hailstorms

  • An exceptional winter temperature application range

  • Outstanding performance in even the harshest environments

  • Better bleed protection than available bleed blockers

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Easy and safe to apply!

Ecodur Roof Coatings are a contractor's dream. Applied without any chemicals, odors, or off-gases, Ecodur has a remarkably fast curing time and will create a smooth surface that is completely non-toxic. Ecodur Roof Coatings are so safe, they even have an ANSI/NSF-61 certification and can be used in contact with drinking water and food.

100% sustainable

While most coatings are either good performers or good for the environment, Ecodur Roof Coatings were specifically developed to combine maximum performance with safety. You can even tell by its name: “Ecodur” stands for “eco-friendly” and “durability,” so you’ll always remember its promise to be high performing without harming the planet.

Made with natural ingredients — its two core ingredients being renewable castor oil and recyclable, naturally occurring gypsum — Ecodur has:


Zero VOCs


Zero BPA


Zero toxicity


Zero measurable effects of saltwater submersion


Broad spectrum resistance to pollution and chemicals

Frustrating Roof Problems — Solved!

Ecodur Roof Coatings have helped thousands of contractors and building owners solve even the trickiest of roofing problems!


Ecodur Packaging

Ecodur Roof Coatings are 2-part products that require mixing until fully combined. Please see our Application Instructions for complete details.

For tips and tricks on Ecodur mixing and application, check out our YouTube channel for the Castagra 101 Playlist — and make sure to subscribe so you won’t miss any of our new videos!

Compatible Substrates

Many problematic roofs have substrates that you can’t pressure-wash without risking further damage. Ecodur Roof Coatings can usually bond to the substrate without the need for pressure washing!

Project Calculator

Want to know how much Ecodur Roof Coatings you will need for your next project? Check out our Project Calculator!

Recent Case Studies

Check out Castagra's VOC-free Ecodur Roof Coatings in action - on a wide range of substrates!

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NOW AVAILABLE! Patch & Repair Kits for quick repairs

Our easy-to-use Patch & Repair Kits are the best way to quickly patch, repair, and waterproof almost any roof substrate. Click here for more information!

Our Quality Promise

Your roofing project is important to us. That’s why we don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to our products. We take samples from every batch of Ecodur and cure them; then, we conduct hardness tests to ensure the coating is to exact specifications. It’s all part of keeping our promise to deliver nothing but the best quality!

Our Guarantee

We’re confident that you’ll love Ecodur Roof Coatings — in fact, we’re so confident that you’ll be happy with the result, we’d bet our almost three decades of experience on it. But to make certain you’ll rest assured, we offer a choice of warranties to prove just how much we stand behind our roofing products.


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