Benefits Of Using Castagra's Ecodur Roof Coatings

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Castagra's Ecodur Roof Coatings have helped thousands of contractors solve their tricky roof problems.


First, let’s take a look at the various formulations available:

Ecodur1 Cool Roof Coating: Ecodur1 is a fiber reinforced premium cool roof coating with superior adhesion and impact resistance. With no maximum thickness and a low-sag formula, Ecodur1 is a 1 coat solution on most substrates - generally requiring no base or topcoat!

Ecodur+ Roof Coating - Ecodur+ is a white, primerless, roof coating base coat that improves the performance of a variety of top coat choices. Due to superior bonding ability, it can be applied without pressure washing in most instances, while achieving a better bond than most primers, and better bleed protection than available bleed blockers. It expands and self-levels during curing to create a smooth surface and hide substrate blemishes.

Ecodur 201R Roof Coating - Ecodur 201R is a gray ultra-durable roof coating that is primarily intended for concrete roofing applications. It self-levels with no maximum thickness during curing to create a smooth surface and hide substrate blemishes. It can be used with a variety of topcoats for aesthetics, cooling, and customization.


*Ecodur is also available in convenient 1lb and 10lb Patch & Repair Kits for quick and easy repairs!



So why should you be using Castagra’s Ecodur Roof Coatings for your next project?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that set Ecodur apart.



40-50 Shore D – With a hardness comparable to skateboard wheels or bowling balls, Ecodur Roof Coatings are superior in resistance to traffic, hail, animal, and other types of damage.


Grease/Chemical Resistance:

Ecodur Roof Coatings are resistant to all types of grease and have very few chemical incompatibilities. This makes them ideal for installation on restaurants or industrial buildings. They are also very resistant to jet exhaust, making Ecodur a great candidate for military and airport applications.



Made with natural ingredients — its two core ingredients being renewable castor oil and recyclable, naturally occurring gypsum — Ecodur is VOC-free, non-toxic, and contains zero BPA. It's so safe, Ecodur even has an ANSI/NSF-61 certification and can be used in contact with drinking water and food.



With up to triple the adhesion of other coatings, Ecodur can be applied without pressure washing in most circumstances. This dramatically reduces environmental impact, as well as preventing furthering of issues with the existing roofing membrane. 



Ecodur readily bonds with existing Ecodur and acrylic topcoats with minimal preparation. Silicones require harsh chemicals and can only be repaired with compatible silicones. Acrylic coatings can be repaired with multiple products, but require thorough cleaning first. Single-ply systems require welding tools and patches to make repairs.


UV Resistance:

Acrylics and single ply systems will chalk and degrade by approximately 1 mil/year in normal conditions. Silicone edges can begin to curl with UV exposure. As a natural mineral modified urethane, Ecodur will discolor, but will not be degraded by UV exposure.


Heat Resistance:

Studies are finding that the roof under a solar panel can reach temperatures exceeding 190F for up to 8 hours/day. As a result, researchers are finding early degradation of TPO and other roofing systems. Ecodur experiences no heat degradation to 212F or the boiling point of water.


Maximum Thickness:

Ecodur requires no off-gassing or evaporation to cure. Therefore, it can be cured at any thickness without adding cure time, and the properties will be consistent throughout. This makes it ideal for filling cracks, blisters, and more. Silicone can be applied to 60 mils in a single pass, but may require multiple weeks to cure when thick. Because acrylic coatings are generally only 50-60% solids, they require evaporation to cure and can only be applied to approximately 26 mils/pass to avoid mud cracking. Each pass will cure to approximately 13 mils, requiring a minimum of 2 passes on most systems.



Single-ply systems come in sheets that must be welded or adhered at the seams. These seams are prone to human error, and are generally excluded by single-ply manufacturer warranties.



Because of Ecodur’s unique chemistry, it can cure at below freezing temperatures, under water or even in an airtight container. Because it is hydrophobic, even a surprise rain will not wash fresh Ecodur off of your project. Most silicones are moisture cured and cannot be rained on for the first 4 hours. They tend to cure slowly and unevenly in arid environments. Acrylic coatings require evaporation to cure and do best in hot, dry weather. In cold, humid weather, acrylics can take days to cure before they are rain safe.


Resistance To Ponding Water:

Coming from the tank lining industry, Castagra’s Ecodur Roof Coatings have been trusted for decades to hold millions of gallons of water, wastewater, chemicals and more. Long term ponding has no effect on Ecodur. High quality silicones also tend to resist ponding water well. Because they are water based, acrylics will tend to swell, blister, and liquify with prolonged water exposure. Single-ply seams are not suitable for ponding water.



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Written by: Jef McCurdy (Technical Director, Castagra) 



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