Meet The Team

NEXT-LEVEL support and customer service. Fantastic, prompt communication and excellent product education/resources/support. These guys are the real deal. A++. ”

— Heather H.

What makes Castagra truly different from other coating manufacturers? That’s easy: our people.

Castagra employees share a unique bond (confession: we’re not above making coating puns). They’re not simply talented, innovative, engaging individuals; they’re also extremely curious.

They aren’t content with the status quo in roofing. They love breaking the mold and taking the path less traveled. They crave what’s different and new. They’re what makes our company culture so vibrant and exciting — and propels us to greater heights every day.

We proudly introduce the friendly faces of Castagra.

Tats Nakagawa


Tatsuya “Tats” Nakagawa is the CEO and one of the Co-Founders of Castagra. He is also the host of Specified Growth Podcast and co-authored Overcoming Inventoritis: The Silent Killer of Innovation. Tats is passionate about innovation and loves the challenge of developing great ideas that can change the world! When he’s not working, he likes to spend time with his family, and read as much as possible (mostly books about entrepreneurship and business). He’s not all business though! He played college tennis in California. Check out his podcast and more at

Peter Roosen

President & Board Chair

Peter Roosen is our President and Board Chair, as well as the inventor of Ecodur roof coating. He has founded numerous companies in various industries, and has received patents on steelmaking measurement, railroad technologies and on vegetable oil-based plastics that are widely used in construction and engineering applications. He also co-authored the book Overcoming Inventorities: The Silent Killer of Innovation. In his spare time, Peter maintains and operates historic trains and warplanes. He has some of the world's oldest operating railway equipment, dating back to 1811, at his house, over which B17 and B25 WWII bombers can be seen flying from time to time!

Janice Roosen

Sales Director

Janice Roosen has been involved with Castagra since June of 2011. Her previous company Fisher Shotcrete, Inc., of which she was President and CEO, partnered with Castagra to develop a patented spray system for applying Castagra's Ecodur, and then continued on to build complete spray rig set ups for various contractors. After 28 years of contracting, she retired from FSI, and as time went on, she and our President, Peter Roosen, married in August of 2015. She loves working with people and is intrigued by the various cultures of business. She has a love of history and enjoys traveling as much as possible to explore history up front. Recently she has become a volunteer with the Arizona unit of the Commemorative Air Force and enjoys working not only at the base out of Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona, but also the various tours around the country with the B-17, B-25 and C-47 WW2 planes.

Jef McCurdy

Technical Director

Jef McCurdy has been collaborating with Castagra for years, and is now our Technical Director. His favorite part of his job is working on particularly tricky/complicated projects and helping clients achieve their goals. In his spare time, he likes coaching softball, skateboarding, brewing, and going on road trips. You might recognize Jef from our YouTube videos as well!

Matt Cullen

EVP Business Development

Matt Cullen has been with Castagra since the beginning and is currently our EVP Business Development. One of his favorite parts of his job is seeing the disbelief and excitement in people’s eyes when they discover the Ecodur system. In his spare time, he loves spending time outdoors. He’s a river guide, as well as an avid skier.

Maegen Eastwood

Director of Marketing

Maegen Eastwood is the Director of Marketing at Castagra. She loves the mixture of creativity and organization that comes with her position, as well as the amazing team of people she gets to work with. She is also an accomplished actor and musician, and you can find her on film and stage throughout Vancouver.

Maria Vivian De Leon

Interdepartmental Coordinator

Maria Vivan De Leon joined Castagra in March of 2020 as an Executive Assistant. Her favorite part of her job is being able to express her ideas and be heard. She loves that everyone on the team is open to suggestions and willing to listen to her ideas and thoughts. In her spare time, she’s playing with her dog (named Batsy) and her 6 cats, or catching up with her Xbox games!

Janet Aylwin

Client Success Manager

Janet Aylwin is the Client Success Manager at Castagra and has been a great asset to our team! What she loves most about her job is interacting with clients and making sure they have everything they need to be successful. When she’s not working, she’s reading or going on bike rides. She’s a big animal lover and her favourite thing to do is spend time with her two adorable fur babies!

Rick Yan

VP Operations

Rick Yan has been our VP Operations since the very beginning. He loves working with Castagra because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. He also likes that he has a great deal of control and freedom within his job. In his spare time, he loves playing tennis and spending time with his family. Oh yeah, and he also has a black belt in Karate!

Marion Margate

Operations and Training Assistant

Marion joined Castagra in 2022 and she's been a great addition to our team! Her favorite parts of her job are coordinating meeting schedules, recommending podcast prospect guests, and mentorship meetings with Tats, our CEO. In her spare time, she likes to play guitar and spend time with her family.

Michelle Duzon

Marketing Assistant

Michelle Duzon joined Castagra as an Executive Assistant in July of 2021 and she’s been a huge asset to our team! Her favorite part of her job is being able to work from home as it gives her more time to be with her (very adorable) daughter, Heaven. She also loves working with the team and is looking forward to growing in her career. As a full-time mom, she doesn’t have a lot of spare time, but when she does, she enjoys playing guitar and singing her heart out!