Breaking Into Commercial Roofing In 2021 (6 Simple Steps)

Have you been considering breaking into commercial roofing in 2021?   The effects of the pandemic continue to ripple through the roofing industry in 2021. However, it’s actually the ideal…

Benefits Of Choosing A Sustainable Roof Coating

“Sustainability”, “Go Green”, “Eco-Friendly”   These buzz words are being thrown around more and more in the roof coating industry these days. But, how does choosing sustainable roofing products really…

10 Reasons Your Roofing Company Should Be On Social Media

Should your roofing company be on social media?   Social media is unavoidable, growing fast, and here to stay. Therefore, if your roofing company isn’t on social media, you could…

Maintenance And Service Contracts For Roofers – Should You Offer Them?

Have you ever considered offering maintenance or service contracts with your roof coating projects?

Roof Coatings In The Off-Season: How To Make Money This Winter!

As a roofer, how do you make money during the off-season? Check out our guide to learn how to sell roof coatings in the off-season like a pro!    …

How To Choose Your Roofing Contractor: 6 Essential Steps

If you’re looking to build, renovate, or fix your roof, you’ll need a roofing contractor to do the job professionally. It is important to take some time to do a…

The Best Podcasts For ROOFERS (Top 10)

We are obsessed with these podcasts for roofers! Check out our list of the BEST podcasts for roofers that you need to listen to.

Roof Coatings and Cold Weather (with Ecodur Roof Coating)

Can you apply roof coatings in cold weather?   In addition to its many benefits, like extreme adhesion, excellent toughness, and infinite recoat window, Ecodur has another cool trick that…

Advantages Of Castagra’s Ecodur Roof Coating

Castagra’s Ecodur roof coating has helped thousands of contractors solve their tricky roof problems. Check out some of Ecodur’s main advantages and reach out today for more info!    …

What Is The Best Type Of Roof Coating?

Silicones and acrylics have dominated the roof coatings market for decades, but are they still the best option?

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