A little over 25 years ago, a clever fellow by the name of Peter Roosen — an engineer who invented many game-changing technologies — developed this revolutionary product almost by accident! A strong believer in doing what is right as well as doing what’s right for the environment, Peter experimented for months in order to prove that it was indeed possible to achieve high performance without harming the planet. His amazing formula made of naturally occurring gypsum and renewable castor oil was named Ecodur+ — for its eco-friendliness and its durability. 

Originally used as an architectural molding, Ecodur+ showed incredible potential as a protective coating and was used to coat the inside of oil tanks. Ecodur+ proved to be so strong, it was even used to protect acid frac tanks, water reservoirs, and highways. And now, it’s making waves as the roofing industry’s maximum adhesion, time- and cost-saving 100% sustainable commercial roof coating.

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No! Ecodur+ is a white primerless coating made from widely abundant and low-cost renewable castor oil and recyclable, naturally occurring gypsum, making Ecodur+ VOC-free, BPA-free, and completely non-toxic. See our technology here on Dragon’s Den!

Ecodur+ Roof Coating adheres to the substrate at a molecular level, creating an inseparable bond. (Other coatings such as epoxies, silicones, and acrylics rely on mechanical bonds, which require ideal surface conditions to adhere properly.) Ecodur+’s stronger adhesion means stronger roofs and stronger roof repairs (even for hard-to-coat roofs!). It can also be used with a variety of topcoats for aesthetics, cooling, and customization.

Ecodur+ is compatible with a wide variety of substrates, from acrylic and BUR to metal, TPO, EPDM, tar and gravel, torch down, and more. See our Ecodur+ Roof Coating page for a complete list of compatible substrates and links to case studies, videos, and more.

Ecodur+ is applied with a brush, or squeegee and roller. For complete application instructions, click here. You can also visit our Certified Applicator Training page to learn more about becoming a Castagra Certified Applicator and how to successfully install your first Castagra roof!

There are many factors that impact the cost of any roofing project, ranging from regional differences such as distributor pricing and labor costs to more project-specific differences.

Please see our post on pricing an Ecodur+ Roof Coating project for an in-depth look at the variables that affect final cost. For further questions, contact us today using this form.

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Ecodur+ Roof Coating has no maximum thickness!

You can find our sample Ecodur+ Application Instructions here. Also, please visit our YouTube channel to find step-by-step videos on many common techniques from conducting pull tests and using our Patch & Repair Kit to detailing and edging and filling roof gaps.

Please see our comparison chart to see how well Ecodur+ stands up against other coatings.

With its ease of application, versatility, waterproofing, and fast curing time, Ecodur+ Roof Coating is outstanding for fixing leaky roofs of all types. We even offer a portable Patch & Repair Kit for quick, time-sensitive repairs.

Yes! Ecodur+ Roof Coating’s lifetime flexibility allows it to withstand temperature extremes, so it offers outstanding performance in even the harshest environments. Ecodur+ also has incredible UV resistance as well as an exceptional application range in winter temperatures. Visit Castagra’s Roofing Blog to learn more about Ecodur+’s amazing performance in both hot and cold climates!

For storage:

Part A: 33°F to 150°F (-.5℃ to 66℃)

Part B 75°F to 105°F (24℃ to 41℃)


For application, see chart below:


Extremely! We are very proud to say that Ecodur+ is 100% sustainable, with zero toxicity. It’s made with natural ingredients — the two main ones being castor oil and gypsum — and is VOC-free, and BPA-free.

Ecodur+ Roof Coating bonds without the need for pressure washing or spudding in most instances — even on tar and gravel roofs! — while achieving a better bond than most primers and better bleed protection than available bleed blockers.

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Ecodur+ Roof Coating is a professional-grade product intended for trained applicators only. It has been applied by beginners successfully, but we generally recommend hiring a professional. As a multicomponent product with a limited pot life, Ecodur+ is not a beginner-level product. Our warranties are not offered for self-install applications. We highly recommend you attend our Castagra Certified Applicator Training before making a purchase of this product.

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For in-field thickening, we recommend crushed walnut shells. For specialty thickening, fumed silica, crushed polyethylene, crushed polystyrene, and other suspendable thickeners work well, too.

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Yes! Our Patch & Repair Kits are perfect for making test swatches. Please make sure to test first to ensure product compatibility.

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Ecodur+ is a restoration coating and is not currently approved for use on new roofs.