The Top 10 Podcasts For ROOFERS (In 2024)

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Castagra's annual Top 10 Podcasts For Roofers list is here!


There are a lot of great podcasts out there for roofers. We've picked 10 of our favourites that you need to tune into for 2024, enjoy!


Do you have a favourite podcast for roofers that didn't make the list? Email and let us know!





World of Roofing Podcast

World of roofing

Hosts: John Kenney & Andrew Rowley
Frequency: Monthly

World of Roofing, co-hosted by John Kenney MIoR, CPRC, and Andrew Rowley MIoR, delves deep into the roofing world, far beyond the basics of shingles and tiles. Each month, you explore captivating stories and experiences from the roofing industry, featuring interviews with diverse individuals from various aspects of the trade. The podcast aims to reveal untold narratives, innovative breakthroughs, and personal victories, catering not just to industry professionals but also newcomers and those intrigued by the art and science of roofing. Each episode is enlightening, entertaining, and inspiring, portraying roofing as a job, a passion, a community, and a rich collection of stories.

"Join us in shaping a successful future in roofing!"

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Hook Better Leads: Contractor Marketing Podcast 

Hook Better Leads podcast

Host: Tim Brown
Frequency: Weekly

Hook Better Leads helps contractors be more profitable and effective with digital marketing strategy (how to make a more effective website and get higher on Google) and by interviewing experts on topics like sales, leadership, finances, and workflow. Subscribe for weekly videos!

"Hook Better Leads is a roofing podcast that covers marketing, leadership and sales tips. We dig deep for value and always strive to stay fast paced, interesting and entertaining."

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The Roof Strategist Podcast 

Host: Adam Bensman 
Frequency: Weekly

The Roof Strategist is the most followed FREE Roofing Sales Training Podcast & YouTube Channel in the industry with millions of views. Every episode has an actionable takeaway to help you generate roofing leads, cold call, ace your pitch at the door, close sales, get more referrals and more. Learn how to stand above competitors and win more sales, even if you suck at selling. Discover the strategies to become a "million dollar closer" in roofing sales.

"Everything on the Podcast and YouTube Channel is created by request from the growing community. You ask. I answer. I invite you to ask questions, submit podcast/video ideas, and tell me what obstacles you're facing. Comment on any videos or posts!"

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The Roofer Show

Host: Dave Sullivan
Frequency: Weekly

The Roofer Show is all about helping roofing contractors grow their businesses, make more money, and most importantly, have more free time. As a business coach and successful roofing contractor for over 30 years, Dave shares his experiences each week so you can avoid making the same mistakes and shortcut the steps to build a more profitable roofing business.

"With over 350 industry professional interviews and more than 150 5 star reviews, there’s something here for you."

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Growing America's Roofing Workforce

Growing America's Workforce

Host: John Esbenshade
Frequency: Monthly

NRCA’s John Esbenshade interviews industry guests and experts once a month on Growing America's Roofing Workforce to discuss one question: what can the roofing industry do to recruit, train, and retain the future of the industry. Learn how to connect with your local trade schools, what resources are available for companies big and small, and what companies around the country are already seeing success.

"Episodes include importance of women in roofing, Hispanics in roofing, apprenticeships programs available, navigating grant fundings available, and stories from the world of Career and Technical Education."

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Roofers Coffee Shop Podcasts

roofers coffee shop podcasts

Hosts: Various
Frequency: Weekly

RoofersCoffeeShop® podcasts are dedicated to celebrating the roofing industry and the great people who work in it. The RCS hosts and guests make the listening experience educational, informative, and entertaining. RCS podcasts are distributed to all platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio and others. With thousands of impressions, pageviews and downloads, the RCS Podcasts capture the heart of the roofing industry and provide an excellent marketing opportunity.

"We provide binge-worthy podcasts series that include Roofing Road Trips, Stories from the Roof, Coffee Conversations and more. Our podcasts provide unique marketing opportunities that tell your company story about new products, cutting-edge services and thought leadership. "

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The Start Build Grow Show: A Roofing Contractor Podcast

Start Build Grow Show

Hosts: Randy Brothers 
Frequency: Weekly

The Start Build Grow Show is all about recognizing elite roofing entrepreneurs and service providers who bring next-level strategy and solutions to our ever-evolving industry! Randy Brothers host new guests to the podcast every week to continue providing quality educational material to roofing contractors and their teams.

"Randy Brothers hit an all-time low when he had to file for bankruptcy. He bounced back in a big way. Now, his roofing company has done $60 million dollars in revenue over the last nine years. Randy has learned how to implement processes and find the right people to build a successful culture. He is taking these skills and teaching other contractors on how to start, build, and grow their businesses, with his team of expert coaches at The Roofing Academy."

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The Roofing Success Podcast

roofing success podcast

Host: Jim Ahlin
Frequency: Weekly

The Roofing Success Podcast is a show created to inspire roofing contractors to achieve optimal success in their roofing businesses. The host, Jim Ahlin, is the co-author of the book, “Internet Marketing For Roofing Contractors, How to TRIPLE Your Sales and Turn Your Roofing Website Into an Online Lead Generation Machine”, and "The Best Known Roofer: The Omnipresent Marketing Framework". He is also the Co-Founder of Roofer Marketers, the Digital Marketing Agency for the roofing industry.

"On each episode, Jim sits down with industry leaders to talk about their processes, the lessons they learned, and how to find success in roofing."

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The Roofr Report Podcast

Host: Pete McKendrick
Frequency: Monthly 

The Roofr Report Podcast is sponsored by and features monthly episodes. Join host Pete McKendrick as he brings on seasoned guests with hands-on experience to offer their insight on topics like roofing, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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Best of Success Podcast Show

Host: Jill Bloom
Frequency: Weekly

Welcome to the Best of Success Podcast Show, where Roofing Contractor magazine readers can now become active listeners, too. Take a deep dive into the stories, topics and people shaping the roofing industry as RC works to bring you the latest information to keep your roofing business booming.

"We’ll feature episodes including interviews and insights from industry-leading experts, newsmakers and key influencers in the roofing world in an engaging format."

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