Castagra Certified Applicator Toolkit

Available exclusively to our Castagra Certified Applicators, this valuable Toolkit is packed with resources designed to help you learn more, sell better and easier, and increase your profits with Castagra products!

Simply sign in here with the password you received upon becoming a Castagra Certified Applicator

    You get special access to:

  • A Project Cost Calculator

  • Special “Tips & Tricks” including a proven sales process, a Roof Inspection Checklist, marketing support, tips on raising the quality of your project to Case Study level, information on preparation equipment, and more

  • Various media: ads, articles, videos

  • Product flyers and postcards

  • Tech bulletins on such topics as thickness and coverage rates, coating ballasted membranes, foaming Ecodur, using topcoats, dealing with surface anomalies such as pinholes/bubbles, and more

  • Webinar links

  • Spanish-language documents

  • And more!