Why Does Ecodur Roof Coating Change Color?

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Why Does Ecodur Roof Coating Change Color?


So you’ve had your building’s flat roof repaired or restored with Ecodur, the roof coating that offers the best adhesion in the industry with up to 3x the strength of conventional roof coatings. You're helping your building’s owners avoid a costly roof replacement and giving the roof amazing waterproofing and UV resistance. You’ve made the suits happy, and you’re happy that you chose such a reliable and sustainable product.


But something’s not right.


You’ve gone back up to the roof to check one more time to see if your eyes are deceiving you, but they’re not. The Ecodur roof coating, which was initially a clean, light color, is not quite the same. You’re 100% positive. The color’s changing.


What does that mean? Why in the world is the color changing so quickly? Surely, it must mean that something’s wrong. Is the coating degrading? How long is it even going to last if the color’s changing already? What do you do now?


You sit back and relax!


Surprised? That’s OK; we’re used to it! Here at Castagra, we get this question a lot. We’re pleased to assure you that there’s nothing to worry about. Color change is a completely normal and very natural part of Ecodur Roof Coating. In fact, this change happens because of the natural, nontoxic ingredients that make up our extremely ecofriendly Ecodur!


As you may know, Ecodur isn’t just superior in adhesion and performance. It’s also 100% sustainable, so it’s safer and better for the environment (and for you!). As Ecodur’s VOC- and BPA-free components — namely its core ingredients of castor oil and gypsum — adjust to their new life of being exposed to the sun’s rays on your roof, the coating will undergo a temporary shift in color.


This is a completely natural and anticipated process that Ecodur roof coating — as well as all other products that are catalyzed with MDI (Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate) — experiences as the MDI ages. The color change would take place even without any UV exposure, but to our advantage, the more sun your Ecodur roof sees, the faster the process will occur — and the faster it will return to (approximately) its original color!


What’s more, Ecodur is extremely UV stable.


It won’t chalk or degrade in the sun. So, don’t mistake the color change as any form of coating degradation! As with many other things found in nature, from flowers to leaves to even some dyes (remember hypercolor?), Ecodur’s color transition is perfectly routine.


On the few occasions where a roof’s aesthetics simply do not allow for temporary color changes of any kind, fear not! Castagra has a variety of quality topcoat recommendations that meet every style and every budget.


Nothing makes us happier at Castagra than creating quality, high-performing products that improve the lives of others while doing our part to help protect the planet. We’re very proud to make Ecodur roof coating out of safe, natural, nontoxic ingredients, even if it means the color change may cause a little confusion here and there.


You can rest easy knowing that your Ecodur roof coating remains among the most durable, reliable, and sustainable coatings you can buy — regardless of a little suntan!

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