Opened in 1969, this large airport sees up to 45 million passengers annually on their way to over a dozen countries on 5 of the world’s continents. It is also a hub with millions of pounds of cargo being shipped worldwide annually. With over 160 gates and millions of square feet spread across dozens of buildings, the airport requires constant maintenance.


Stainless steel is one of the longest lasting roofing materials available and capable of taking decades of abuse. Though the panels on a stainless gutter system at this airport are still in great shape, years of movement, expansion, and contraction have cause cracks in the welded seams. These cracks have caused water to leak through the ceilings and down the walls.


Any process that will be used at a busy airport needs to be as non-disruptive as possible. Castagra’s Ecodur Roof Coating is VOC-free, which makes it safe to use around air handlers, open windows and in public spaces. Ecodur bonds well to most materials with minimal preparation, which eliminates much of the noise and mess associated with many maintenance projects. And, it requires minimal application equipment which eliminates the use of cranes and other heavy lifting equipment which would necessitate closing sections to avoid falling hazards.

Application Results

The crew at TrueWorks Roofing in Houston, Texas started by wire brushing away loose plates of rust on the surface of the tie-in area. They then used the wire brush to clean all of the welds, including removing previously failed coatings. The project area was then thoroughly swept and wiped down to remove all dirt and debris. Using crushed walnut shells, the crew thickened the Ecodur to a mastic grade and used that to target all the seams and any other trouble areas. Finally, they used tape lines to create clean lines and tie in the repair areas for a consistent look. With 1000 PSI pull-off from steel, Ecodur creates a permanent bond to most common building materials and will ensure decades of leak-free performance for the busy airport.