No other roof coating bonds to the substrate like Ecodur+.

Castagra’s 100% sustainable Ecodur+ Roof Coating gives you a timesaving, cost-effective solution for your low-slope roofing customers while providing a premium max-adhesion, VOC-free product that lets you take on the toughest recoat jobs with up to 70% labor savings.

Repair and restore flat roofs faster — with incredible results!

Ecodur+ Roof Coating is not a silicone; it’s a white primerless fast-cure coating that can be applied to almost any substrate: cementitious, metal, asphalt, single ply, and more. But what makes Ecodur+ even more unique is its extreme bonding power: Ecodur+ offers the best adhesion in the industry — more than 3x the strength of most conventional roof coatings. Ecodur+ helps your customers avoid costly tear-offs while you finish the job faster with fewer coats and unparalleled adhesion!


You may be thinking this sounds too good to be true. (That’s OK. We get that a lot.) Rest assured: Ecodur+ has a proven track record going back nearly a quarter of a century, with hundreds of successful applications and satisfied contractors who rely on its superior performance time and time again.

Let us show you how Ecodur+ Roof Coating makes it easy for you to save costs and get better results!


Easy To Apply

  • No spudding or pressure washing needed in most circumstances
  • Applies with brush, roller, or squeegee
  • Minimal site prep
  • Odorless — no chemicals used in the application process


Superior Performance

  • Maximum adhesion — proven best in the industry
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Cures fast at any mil thickness
  • Resists impact from debris and hailstorms


Saves Time and Money

  • Fewer coats and curing cycles
  • Less material and labor intensive
  • Fewer callbacks for repairs
  • Reduced labor costs and liability

The single best product we use for our coating work. With its wide range of applications from waterproofing to roofing and potable water collection, we love it.

-Blue Frog Spray Foam

This stuff is as close to real magic as you can get.

-Henry S.


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We’re excited for you to learn about our incredible flagship roof coating, Ecodur+, and to work with you on your first Castagra installGive us a shout today and see for yourself why we truly stand apart from the other guys.


"The folks at Castagra are top notch! Very knowledgeable in their product and the industry and willing to work with you every step of the way. I installed my first Ecodur roof and could not be happier with the product! I can't wait for the next project!"

- Jordan S.

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