How To Support Suicide Prevention In Construction

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How To Support Suicide Prevention In Construction


Written by: Mandy McIntyre, Owner & President, Level Up Consultants 


Supporting suicide awareness in the construction industry is crucial to address the high rates of suicide within this field. In multiple years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found construction and extraction was the no. 1 occupational group with male suicides. In fact, more construction workers die by suicide each year than every other workplace related fatality combined.


Every year, during September — National Suicide Prevention Month — the construction industry will dedicate a week to raising awareness about the unique challenges workers face in construction that lead to suicide and what we can do to prevent it. Together, we can save lives.


Here are some steps to promote awareness and provide support:



Training and Education:

Provide comprehensive training for employees and management to recognize signs of suicide risk, such as changes in behavior, mood, or social withdrawal. Educate them about the importance of taking such signs seriously and how to approach someone they're concerned about.


Promote Open Conversations:

Encourage open dialogue about mental health and suicide in the workplace. Create an environment where discussing these topics is normalized and stigma-free.


Share Resources:

Distribute informational materials, brochures, and posters that provide information about suicide prevention, available support services, and helpline numbers.


Mental Health Check-ins:

Incorporate regular mental health check-ins during team meetings or one-on-one discussions. Ask employees how they're feeling and if they need support.


Provide Access to Counselling:

Offer access to confidential counseling services through Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) or partnerships with mental health organizations. Ensure that employees are aware of these services and how to access them.


Promote Self-Care:

Emphasize the importance of self-care practices, stress management, and seeking help when needed. Encourage employees to take breaks, engage in hobbies, and practice relaxation techniques.


Create a Safe Reporting System:

Implement a confidential reporting system that allows employees to express their concerns about a colleague's well-being without fear of retaliation.


Leadership Involvement:

Encourage leaders to be actively engaged in suicide awareness efforts. When leaders prioritize these initiatives, it signals to the entire organization that mental health matters.


Remember Special Dates:

Acknowledge important dates like Construction Suicide Prevention Week (September 4 - 8, 2023), World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10), Suicide Prevention Month (September 2023) and Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2024) by organizing awareness campaigns, events, or workshops.


Address Workplace Stressors:

Identify and address workplace factors that contribute to stress and poor mental health. Implement strategies to mitigate these stressors whenever possible.



Remember that supporting suicide and mental health awareness is an ongoing effort that requires collaboration and dedication from all levels of the organization. By implementing these strategies, the construction industry can create a safer and more supportive environment for its workers.


To register your business to participate in Construction Suicide Prevention Week and for more information visit:


Written by: Mandy McIntyre, Owner & President, Level Up Consultants 


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