Can You Apply Roof Coatings In Cold Weather?

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Every roofing contractor waits for it: that first morning when the air feels a bit cooler than it has in months, making you shiver. The arrival of colder temperatures and harsher weather means the types of jobs you can complete in the same amount of time will soon diminish. For some contractors, it means putting off some higher-paying jobs until the following year.


Can You Apply Roof Coatings in Cold Weather?


Applying roof coatings in cold weather is certainly doable, but it can be a bit like walking through a minefield. While most roof coatings can be applied when the temperature drops, freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and the like can make it especially challenging. Not only do you need to ensure proper storage of the products and follow application instructions to the letter, but you also need to take into account a variety of factors. Everything from the condition, color, and the temperature of the roof’s surface to the air temperatures before, during, and after application.


Cold Weather Repairs - Other Coatings


Typical acrylic coatings can only be applied in temperatures above 50°F (10°C). Plus, they can only be used when no rain, fog, dew, or freezing temperatures are expected in the forecast for 24 to 48 hours after application. Silicone products offer more flexibility, but they shouldn’t be applied to freezing substrates. Plus, the lower the temperature, the thicker these products become, to the point where they can’t be sprayed or rolled properly. The same is true for urethane coatings.

Some asphaltic patching products can be applied below freezing temperatures, but when cold they'll cure slowly. At best, these products require a minimum of 30 days before they’re suitable for traffic or the application of a topcoat. At worst, they need as much as 180 days!


Cold Weather Repairs - Ecodur Roof Coating


Ecodur roof coating is the coating of choice for any roofing contractor looking for timesaving, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions for their customers at any time of the year. Particularly when temperatures begin to drop! In addition to its many benefits — extreme adhesion, excellent toughness, an infinite recoat window — Ecodur has an extremely cool trick that gives roofing contractors a competitive edge as we head into the cooler seasons!

The curing of Ecodur roof coating is a completely self-contained process, requiring no off-gassing or evaporation. This means that Ecodur can fully cure at temperatures well below freezing! It self-levels to create a smooth, waterproof and UV-resistant surface with maximum adhesion even in colder temperatures. This makes Ecodur ideal for winter repairs that turn into warmer weather rejuvenation projects.

That’s not all. Because Ecodur cures completely and readily accepts topcoats — or more Ecodur, as it bonds to itself — it doesn’t prevent any future coatings (unlike asphaltic or silicone patches can).


Another Cool Cold Weather Trick


Need emergency repairs after a hailstorm, snow squall, or even a blizzard? Ecodur roof coating’s unique chemistry allows it to be applied over damp substrates as a temporary leak stop. Of course, any coating applied over a damp surface should be thoroughly inspected before attempting to complete the full coating project in better weather. But using Ecodur to temporarily fix roof leaks is a great way to get you through a storm — as well as the entire cold-weather season!



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As with any roofing product, make sure to store Ecodur roof coating properly, in a dry location at room temperature; this way, it will always be ready for your next project or repair. This year, stand up to colder weather and say yes to more roofing jobs thanks to Ecodur!


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