The Top 10 Podcasts For ROOFERS (In 2022)

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The 2nd Annual Top 10 Podcasts for Roofers list is here!


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There are a lot of podcasts out there. It can be tough to sort through which are going to be most helpful and entertaining for you. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 10 podcasts you need to listen to in 2022 if you're a roofer! 



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Roofers Coffee Shop Podcasts

roofers coffee shop podcasts

Host: Various
Frequency: Weekly

RoofersCoffeeShop® podcasts are dedicated to celebrating the roofing industry and the great people who work in it. The RCS hosts and guests make the listening experience educational, informative, and entertaining. RCS podcasts are distributed to all platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio and others. With thousands of impressions, pageviews and downloads, the RCS Podcasts capture the heart of the roofing industry and provide an excellent marketing opportunity.

"We provide binge-worthy podcasts series that include Roofing Road Trips, Stories from the Roof, Coffee Conversations and more. Our podcasts provide unique marketing opportunities that tell your company story about new products, cutting-edge services and thought leadership. "

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The Roof Strategist Podcast 

Host: Adam Bensman 
Frequency: 2 episodes a week

The Roof Strategist is a FREE Roofing Sales Training Podcast & YouTube Channel focused on both retail and storm damage roofing sales. Every episode has an actionable takeaway to help you generate roofing leads, cold call, ace your pitch at the door, close sales, get more referrals and more. Learn how to stand above competitors and win more sales, even if you suck at selling. Get everything you need to become a "million dollar closer" in roofing sales.

"Everything on the Podcast and YouTube Channel is created by request from the growing community. You ask. I answer. I invite you to ask questions, submit podcast/video ideas, and tell me what obstacles you're facing. I respond personally and your submission may inspire an upcoming podcast/video! Email or DM me on Instagram or Facebook."

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The Roofing Success Podcast

roofing success podcast

Hosts: Jim Ahlin
Frequency: Weekly

The Roofing Success Podcast is a show created to inspire roofing contractors to achieve optimal success in their roofing businesses. The host, Jim Ahlin, is the co-author of the book, “Internet Marketing For Roofing Contractors, How to TRIPLE Your Sales and Turn Your Roofing Website Into an Online Lead Generation Machine”, and "The Best Known Roofer: The Omnipresent Marketing Framework". He is also the Co-Founder of Roofer Marketers, the Digital Marketing Agency for the roofing industry.

"On each episode, Jim sits down with industry leaders to talk about their processes, the lessons they learned, and how to find success in roofing."

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Nailed It! The Business of Roofing Podcast

nailed it podcast

Host: Joe Huges  
Frequency: Weekly 

Most construction business owners and leaders get into business through the trades or through sales. Nailed It! The Business of Construction episodes are a combination of Joseph's lessons and interviews with industry leaders to share important insights around improving and growing businesses.

"We lead through education."

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Contractor Radio Podcast

contractor radio podcast

Host: Jim Johnson & Nathan Tebedo
Frequency: 1 episode a week

Contractor Radio is all about challenging our dreams to get in control of our business, so we can grow and achieve personal and financial freedom! Strategy, tactics, success stories and the best tools for contractors every week! See how others have challenged their dreams, had a breakthrough and achieved what you are chasing. 

"We are constantly sharing the Blueprint on how to run a highly profitable, fast growing business that you work on instead of in!"

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The Start Build Grow Show

Start Build Grow Show

Hosts: Randy Brothers & Nick Peret 
Frequency: 1 episode a week

The Start Build Grow Show's focus is to share the entrepreneurial journey within the contracting, trades, and roofing industry. They bring on special guests every Tuesday to share their entrepreneurial journey in the contracting and roofing industry. They incorporate heavy Q&A to allow viewers to get their questions answered by industry leaders. Their goal is to provide growth-minded businesses with the resources they need to dominate their local markets. The Start Build Grow Show brings on some of the most influential people in the industry to help you learn topics such as: building a high-performance sales team, digital marketing strategies, hiring & onboarding, commercial roofing strategies, etc.

"Randy Brothers hit an all-time low when he had to file for bankruptcy. He bounced back in a big way. Now, his roofing company has done $60 million dollars in revenue over the last nine years. Randy has learned how to implement processes and find the right people to build a successful culture. He is taking these skills and teaching other contractors on how to start, build, and grow their businesses. Co-host, Nick Peret, started his own marketing company focusing on the home services industry. Together, they bring on special guests to provide value to listeners looking to take their business to the next level."

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The Roofing Business Builder Podcast

Host: Daniel Lakstins
Frequency: 2 episodes a month

The Roofing Business Builder Podcast's mission is to increase access to commercial roofing strategies, science, and insights for roofing contractors making the leap.

"Stay in the millionaire mindset with this podcast designed for roofing industry entrepreneurs"

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The Roofer Show

Host: Dave Sullivan
Frequency: 1 episode a week

The Roofer Show is all about helping roofing contractors grow their businesses, make more money, and most importantly have more free time. As a business coach and successful roofing contractor for 30 years, Dave shares his experience each week so you can avoid making the same mistakes and shortcut the steps to build a more profitable roofing business. 

"Whether you have a shop of 1 or 100, there's something here for you."

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The Contractor Weekly

Host: Armando Jacox
Frequency: 1 episode a week

The Contractor Weekly is a weekly Facebook live stream where Armando interviews guests about all the ins and out of the industry.





Roofing Insights Podcast

Host: Dmitry Lipinkskiy
Frequency: 1 episode a week

Each week on the Roofing Insights Podcast, Lipinskiy will interview an influential figure from the roofing industry who offers expert knowledge that can help you grow as a contractor and an individual. Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss a new episode!





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