Roof Coatings In The Off-Season: How To Make Money This Winter!

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As a roofer, how do you make money during the off-season? Check out our guide to learn how to sell roof coatings in the off-season like a pro!




The Problem

Contractors know that building owners tend to procrastinate on important maintenance issues until they are long past the ideal time to act. Many will completely ignore a leaky roof all summer and call for emergency help as the water pours into their tenant's businesses during the first rain.

Oftentimes, contractors will install the repairs necessary to get the roof through the rainy season. But, when the weather is better for coatings or replacement, they find the client non-communicative. 

Other times, clients are ready to sign a contract for a new coatings project, but it is impossible to know when to schedule the start as the weather is too unpredictable.

roof coatings in the off-season


Luckily, there's a solution to help contractors and their clients achieve their goals in a true win-win fashion. Keep reading for our guide to selling roof coatings in the off-season!




The Scenario

In this scenario, you are right in the middle of the rainy season and know that the best solution for the roof is a coating that has to be applied to a clean and dry substrate. You will need several days for the roof to dry and remain dry throughout the project. Depending on where you're located, it could be a month or longer until the weather improves.

The tenants want the leaks to stop now. The building owner doesn’t want to pay a fortune for temporary repairs just before paying the full price for a roof coating project. So, it is up to the contractor to get creative!

roof coatings in the off-season




The Solution

One approach to solving the immediate needs of the client while filling your pipeline is to build it all into one contract. Take a full deposit and have an agreed-upon limit to the included total of repairs. If for any reason the contract is canceled, the repairs will be deducted from any monies being returned. If any immediate repairs are needed beyond the original amount, they will be offered at a discounted rate. The full rejuvenation project will be completed once the weather can accommodate proper prep and application.

roof coatings in the off-season

On the surface, this sounds like a pretty simple adjustment on a standard contract to include some up-front repairs. However, this sets both parties up with some big advantages. For both the roofer and building owner, this ensures that no other contractor will be performing leak repairs on their future project roof. This can prevent an outside contractor from using materials that will be incompatible with the greater plans for the roof. It also allows the contractor to become more familiar with the roof ahead of the full project.




The Results

The owner can assure their tenants that both their immediate and long-term needs are now contracted and in the hands of a professional. This allows the contractor to prioritize the owner’s project as one of the first to be completed after the rainy season, which also helps the contractor fill and manage their pipeline.

Keeping your pipeline full throughout the year is important to managing your cash flow. Getting your season off to a great start once the weather allows can set the stage for a great year!

roof coatings in the off-season


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Written by: Jef McCurdy

Technical Director - Castagra 

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