Roof Coatings and Cold Weather (with Ecodur Roof Coatings)

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Can you apply roof coatings in cold weather?


In addition to its many benefits, like extreme adhesion, excellent toughness, and infinite recoat window, Ecodur has another cool trick that becomes helpful as we head into fall and eventually winter.


Cold Weather Repairs With Other Coatings

Typical acrylic coatings can only be applied in temperatures above 50°F, and only when there is no rain, fog, dew, or freezing temperatures expected in 24 or more hours. Silicone products offer more flexibility, but should not be applied to freezing substrates.

Some asphaltic patching products can be applied below freezing temperatures, but will cure slowly when cold. At best, they will require 30 and sometimes as much as 180 days before they are suitable for traffic or topcoat.

Ecodur: A Better Solution

Because curing Ecodur roof coating is a completely self-contained process requiring no off-gassing or evaporation, Ecodur can cure at temperatures well below freezing. This can make it ideal for winter repairs that turn into warmer weather rejuvenation projects. Because it will completely cure and readily accept topcoats, or more Ecodur, it does not prevent future coatings as asphaltic or silicone patches can.

Another Cool Weather Trick

For emergency repairs, Ecodur can even be applied over a damp substrate as a temporary leak stop. Anything coated over a damp surface should be inspected before completing a coating project in better weather, but it can be a great way to get you through a storm.


See Ecodur Roof Coatings in action!


**Of course, you cannot mix or apply a frozen product, so make sure to store Ecodur at room temperature so it is always ready for your next project or repair.




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Written by: Jef McCurdy

Technical Director - Castagra 

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