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Are you looking to improve the customer service in your roofing company?

Join our special guest Lucas Blos, Digital Marketing Manager at Saenz Global, as he shares his tips and tricks!


In the cutthroat roofing industry, simply offering quality workmanship, top-notch materials, and fair pricing is no longer enough. To truly differentiate themselves, roofing contractors need to take a proactive approach to customer service that guarantees satisfaction and cultivates lasting relationships. According to a Salesforce study, a whopping 71% of consumers make purchase decisions based on exceptional customer experience. Therefore, it's crystal clear that prioritizing good service pays dividends in the long run.


This post will cover the vital components of proactive customer service, including technology, communication, efficiency, personalization, attention to detail, and speedy response times. We'll also provide tips for roofing contractors to improve their customer service and build a positive industry reputation.



Benefits of Proactive Customer Service


  • Improved customer satisfaction: Proactive customer service can enhance customer satisfaction for roofing contractors by promptly addressing any concerns or issues customers may have. A satisfied customer is more likely to refer your business to others, ultimately bolstering your reputation.

  • Improved communication: Excellent communication is a vital aspect of successful project management. By keeping customers informed about project progress, potential issues, and changes to the timeline, contractors can build trust and confidence with their clients. Overcommunication with your team and clients demonstrates your commitment to the project's success and can help foster a strong working relationship.

  • Gain a competitive advantage: In the highly competitive market of roofing professionals, setting yourself apart from the crowd can make a significant impact. Offering personalized services is an effective way for roofing contractors to distinguish themselves and attract customers who seek a tailored experience. After all, everyone appreciates a little extra attention and care, right?

  • Improved quality of work: Attention to detail ensures precise and high-quality work on roofing projects, resulting in a longer-lasting roof. Customers prefer experts they can trust to provide efficient and reliable service, with guidance and advice based on experience. Collaborating with an expert makes the process smoother and less stressful, creating a more positive customer experience.


Tips for Proactive Customer Service


Efficient Project Management

Involves comprehensive planning, precise scheduling, clear communication channels, and consistent client follow-up. Quality control measures, progress and cost tracking, and prompt issue resolution can establish a reputation for excellent workmanship and generate positive referrals.


Quick Response Time

Customers expect a prompt response to their inquiries in today's fast-paced world. It's essential for roofing contractors to prioritize quick response times, whether through email, phone, or social media. Addressing customer needs and concerns quickly and effectively is critical to building trust and confidence. Utilizing tools like online scheduling, automated notifications, and regular communication can ensure that customer inquiries are handled promptly and efficiently.


Use Technology To Your Advantage

Roofing contractors can leverage technology to improve customer service by utilizing various tools and roofing software available in today's digital age. With tools like Roofr and CRMs such as JobNimbus, contractors can quickly order measurements, track leads, create invoices, and ultimately make sales, increasing their output and efficiency.



Maintaining regular communication with homeowners from the initial sale to the completion of the project is essential to show that your roofing company cares about the customer experience and not just making a sale. Regular follow-up with homeowners can be done through phone calls, emails, or even handwritten notes, showcasing your commitment to exceptional customer service. This level of communication is crucial not just for the customer's satisfaction but also for the growth and reputation of your business.


Personalized Services

One size doesn't fit all, and customer satisfaction is key to the success of any business. Roofing contractors should offer flexible scheduling, detailed cost estimates, a variety of materials, quality control checks, post-project follow-up, ongoing maintenance and repair services, and warranties and guarantees. By asking the right questions and listening to the customer's preferences, budget, and timeline, contractors can tailor their services to meet their specific needs, providing homeowners with the confidence that they are making a wise investment in their home.



The Bottom Line

Proactive customer service is essential in the roofing industry, leading to higher customer satisfaction and improved reputation. Reliable project management, personalized attention, and quick response times are critical to establish superior workmanship and long-lasting client relationships. Utilizing technology and seeking feedback can help set contractors apart and ensure exceptional customer service.


At Saenzglobal.com, we offer superior back-office support services for roofing contractors to help them provide exceptional customer service. By implementing these strategies, roofing contractors can differentiate themselves, build a positive reputation, and cultivate lasting relationships with satisfied customers.


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Written By: Lucas Blos, Digital Marketing Manager, Saenz Global 




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