Cold Weather, Roof Coatings, and Profits: Make Money This Off-Season!

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Most roofing contractors naturally anticipate a slowdown in jobs as the winter season approaches. Freezing temperatures are like kryptonite to many roofing materials, sapping their strength and rendering them difficult to work with and less effective.


Cold Weather and Roof Coatings


While it is possible to apply roof coatings in colder weather, most typical coatings have limitations that make them challenging at best. From acrylics to silicones and more, these products often require warmer weather in order to be applied properly and to fully cure in a reasonable amount of time (i.e., one that allows a building to return to business as usual with minimal disruption). Many contractors simply avoid taking on commercial coatings jobs during the colder months.


But what if we told you there’s a roof coating that will defy the odds when Jack Frost arrives in your neck of the woods — giving you a distinct advantage over your competition and keeping profits flowing even when icicles start to form?


That roof coating is none other than Castagra's pride and joy: high-performing, durable, 100% sustainable, and yes, cold-weather friendly, Ecodur.


Ecodur Roof Coating


Ecodur Roof Coating is the year-round coating of choice for contractors looking to ramp up, not wind down, their businesses when temperatures begin to drop. Thanks to Ecodur’s unique chemistry, even freezing weather won’t inhibit proper application or adhesion. Ecodur’s recoat window is endless; it will always re-bond to itself. Plus, Ecodur can fill even the largest blisters in just a single application.


That’s not all: Ecodur Roof Coating cures completely at temperatures well below freezing! Typically, Ecodur takes 24-36 hours to cure fully — in below freezing temperatures, the cure time might be slightly longer. Several drops of an accelerator may be used to speed curing in temperatures below freezing if needed. Ecodur's curing process is self-contained; it doesn’t off-gas or evaporate. This means that what you see is what you get with Ecodur Roof Coating — the level it was when applied is the same level that Ecodur will be when it’s fully cured. Other coatings simply can’t provide this incredible benefit! See for yourself just how Ecodur stacks up against them.


Commercial roofs can take a beating during the warmer months. Prolonged exposure to the heat of the summer sun and UV rays can cause membrane cracks. High humidity can cause some roofing materials to swell and weaken over time. One of the best things that your customers can do to help their roofs weather the winter and keep any potential issues to a minimum is to practice preventative maintenance — which is another profit-building opportunity for you!


Maintenance Programs


Before the worst storms begin to hit, it’s the perfect time to reach out to your customer base and schedule roof inspections, which you can then turn into regular, seasonal maintenance programs. Stress the importance and value of such a program when talking to your customer. It’s both cost-effective and time-saving for your customers to have you assess and thoroughly address any problems on a dry roof, as opposed to making emergency, quick-fix visits in the middle of winter on a slippery, snow-filled surface.


Plus, routine maintenance done now reduces the risk of cold-weather damage to not only the roof but also the interior of the building in the event of roof leaks. Then, when the ice thaws, you can return to your customers’ roofs for a post-winter inspection. This keeps you in front of the customer on a regular basis and serves to build their trust in and loyalty to your business!


Cold Weather Repair


Even with timely preparation, roof leaks and other problems can still occur, and often at the worst possible times for building owners. You may not have previously taken post-storm calls in winter for commercial roof repairs, given the difficulties of working with coatings in such extreme temperatures. Thanks to Ecodur Roof Coating’s incredible versatility, you can now start taking advantage of these opportunities. In addition to its ability to be applied at no maximum mil thickness and its rapid cure time, Ecodur also can be applied over damp substrates as a temporary repair. Ecodur is hydrophobic, so moisture on the substrate will prevent permanent bonding. It repels water immediately, so the roof will be ready right away for any imminent weather events, from hailstorms to snow squalls and even blizzards.


To make these jobs even easier for you, Castagra offers our Patch & Repair Kit, which allows you to make a fast, temporary repair to a leaky roof. Of course, Ecodur’s rapid cure time makes it ideal for these types of cold-weather repairs, not to mention its unparalleled durability and adhesion.


Make Money This Winter - With Castagra's Ecodur!


Ecodur has been tested in some of the harshest environments, including Canada, and Denver, CO. Through years of rough winters and countless freeze/thaw cycles, there was no indication that the elements had any effect on Ecodur.*


Don’t despair when the days start getting shorter and the nights colder. Take on those lucrative roofing jobs with the help of Ecodur Roof Coating and a business-building maintenance program, and stay in the green until the spring!




*Important note: While snow/ice and freeze/thaw cycles show no impact on Ecodur, weight is an important consideration. Serious structural damage may occur if the weight of snow/ice exceeds the building’s limits. If snow/ice removal is necessary, use a plastic snow shovel to prevent damage to the roof coating. 

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