Coating a Basement Floor with Ecodur

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Home renovations can extend the life of dwellings almost indefinitely if done with quality materials that provide maximum performance and longevity. This very much applies to coatings which, although very thinly applied, can last for decades.

This case study of a Vancouver, British Columbia, home involved a damp basement that the owner had decided to totally renovate and bring into full use, but not risk any damage that could arise in the future through high humidity.

The owner was well aware of the risks of VOCs and wanted a completely non-toxic coating that would perform well against the incursion of damp. High humidity can not only cause damage to furniture but also can pose a health hazard. It is generally considered that 30-50% humidity levels are safe, whereas levels above 50% can provide an environment for the development of potentially toxic black mold which can lead to lung disease.

It was also desired to have very long term performance and not crack through retained elasticity.

VOC-free Ecodur, which is completely non-toxic and made from castor oil and naturally-occurring soft rock gypsum, was chosen over polyurea for the 1,400 square feet of basement flooring.

Ecodur has industry-leading adhesion levels over a very wide variety of substrates. It was first developed nearly 25 years ago, and proven its real-world performance in a wide variety of applications, particularly those involving corrosive liquid content.

It permanently retains a fixed level of hardness and elasticity and permanently also retains the ability to re-bond to original Ecodur coatings, should repairs be required sometime in the future.

Application Results.
Blue Frog Spray Foam Inc., based in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, carried out the work. Preparation work included removing some loose debris, filling and repairing some cracks in the cement and vacuuming the dust. The Ecodur was applied manually using a squeegee and then rolled out the coating to smooth it out.

As the windows of the house were completely removed, they were working in the basement with no heat. The inside temperature was about 8 Centigrade and the applicators let it set over the weekend (about 72 hours).

One challenge for the applicators was to roll 2 ft. up the walls as a further. This was achieved by using a rectangular hand trowel to coat the vertical surface and then smooth it out with a paint roller. Overall coverage on the floor and walls was 30 mils average.

The owner of the house will finish off the basement with either carpet or wood flooring for appearance's sake.

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