Arizona’s Untapped $5 Billion Roofing Repair Opportunity

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For Roofing Contractors.

Arizona has the highest nationwide concentration of a flat roof material called cementitious - an acrylic and cement mix. According to local experts, there were billions of feet of cementitious roofs installed 15 to 25 years ago, and now these aging roofs are all starting to crack and fail.

As an expert roofing contractor, you may already know these roofs are very hard to repair effectively and cheaply by traditional methods (ie. acrylic or silicone coatings). The current approach is to tear off the existing roof and installing a new one. Installing a new roof will cost the property owner over two times the cost of a normal repair.

Here’s the Opportunity Available Today.

We have discovered a proven, expert verified a way (Ecodur roof coating) to fix these cementitious roofs at 40%-60% of the cost of a replacement. For your cost-conscious property owner client, this is an extremely attractive option.

The ability to deliver cost effective, easy-to-install, roof extension that pushes the roofs lifespan by decades is a game changer for your business.

Besides the cost saving benefits of our coating, plant based Ecodur is VOC-free, waterproof, fast curing, self-leveling and acts as a bleed blocker. To be clear, Ecodur is not a new coating. It’s been protective structures and surfaces in the harshest and most corrosive environments in the world for last 28 years.

Unlike many new high-tech innovations there is no expensive equipment purchases required. Ecodur is mixed together in a bucket and applied with a simple brush or roller.

Once your roof contracting firm gets up to speed with our coating and starts bidding and applying our coating, you will have an instant competitive advantage over other roofers. As a result, in the beginning, you will likely get all the cementitious roof repair work you can handle.

Why Does This Solution Work So Well?

It works because Ecodur has the strongest adhesion of any roof coating on the market. Ecodur works by bonding to the substrate at a molecular level, creating an inseparable bond. A molecular bond means it’s almost fused to the material, and when you try to tear if off, it literally takes most of the substrate with it. Other coatings such as epoxies, acrylic, and silicones rely on mechanical bonds, which require ideal surface conditions.

To show you the power of how Ecodur bonds to a surface, here it is bonding to a Teflon pan.
castagra roofing teflon pan

Side-By-Side Adhesion Tests

Key Adhesion Numbers
100% Silicone – 24lbs
100% Silicone over Acrylic Primer – 38lbs
Acrylic Primer – 63lbs
Castagra Ecodur 201 – 110+ lbs (Tape Broke)

Super Adhesion in Action—No Spudding

“By completing a tar and gravel project without spudding, we have proven several things: because Ecodur has no maximum mil thickness, we don’t have the limitations of traditional coatings. If necessary, we could flood valleys to create an even surface. Ecodur will out-perform on a spudded roof. If any gravel remains, it’s okay with Ecodur,” said Jef McCurdy, San Diego Roofing.

I’m interested in learning more, now what?

Contact Elite Roofing Supply at (602) 396-2261 to get more information about Ecodur (cementitious roof repair coating).

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