Standing seam metal roofs are one of the longest lasting roofing systems available. However, even they can age out of their useful life and begin to leak. Using the right coating can extend their life by decades.


During a particularly snowy Colorado winter, the owners of a custom truck parts fabrication shop found they had a new problem to contend with.

As each new snow melted, they were finding more and more new leaks, often creating issues with production and putting unfinished metal stocks at risk of rusting.


With a high tensile strength and adhesion to steel measuring 1000 PSI, Castagra’s Ecodur has proven highly effective on all types of metal roofing.

Due to it’s high strength, Ecodur can completely lock fasteners and can be thickened to a mastic grade to seal penetrations, gaps, and seams.

Application Results

Although pressure washing is generally not required for Ecodur applications, it was determined that it would be easiest on this project. Unlike other substrates, metal roofs do not trap moisture, and dry very quickly. After cleaning, all fasteners were inspected. Any loose fasteners were tightened to ready for coating.

Next, all penetrations and perimeter transitions were coated using Ecodur thickened with crushed walnut. The final detail was to run a fleece backed butyl tape along the horizontal seams. This allows the Ecodur to pool at the horizontal seams which will allow for greater movement as the sheets expand and contract.

Finally, it was time to finish out the project by coating the field. Using short rollers to fit the valleys of the metal profile, they dumped the Ecodur in pools and ran the rollers through the entire valley, ensuring that the seams, peaks, fasteners, and all surfaces received a minimum thickness of 30 mils.

By using Castagra’s Ecodur roof coating, the building owner was able to completely restore their aged roof with no disruption to the business and customers below. Because Ecodur does not chalk or degrade, it will continue to provide protection for decades to come. Ecodur will always bond to itself, so if the owner decides to add solar or other features to the large roof, tying those in will be a breeze.

For simplicity, durability, and future flexibility, Castagra’s Ecodur delivered a great value for the client.