Serving approximately 1.4 million Americans, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) provide 24-hour nursing care and other services to many of the most vulnerable patients. With no downtime, there is never an opportunity to shut down for major repairs or renovations. This includes roofing projects. Because tear-off and replacement is highly disruptive, SNFs are frequently looking to liquid-applied roof rejuvenation. Because many options are solvent-based and high in VOC’s, coating options are limited.


Located in downtown San Francisco, this care facility had an aging roof with multiple patches that continued to reveal new leaks with each rain. With multiple ponding areas, dozens of equipment, and even more penetrations, leak detection was hit-and-miss at best.

Consisting of a built-up and gravel roof, the substrate posed significant challenges that eliminated many common options.


Because Ecodur Roof Coating is VOC-free, can be applied without pressure washing, and cures hard enough to withstand piercing from embedded gravel, it is a perfect choice for limiting tenant disruption and creating a durable, long-lasting waterproof layer.

Application Results

To start, nearly 90,000 pounds of loose gravel had to be removed using chutes to the surface 6 stories below. With the loose gravel removed, the crew ran power-brooms to agitate all nearly loose gravel and loosen any surface dirt and debris. Wire brushes were used to loosen any stiff or caked dirt and scrapers were used to break away all brittle surface anomalies. With another ton of gravel, dirt, and other trash removed, blowers were used to leave the surface clean enough to coat.

All details, penetrations, and other features were cut in first using Ecodur thickened with crushed walnut shells. To shorten the distance between gravel peaks and asphalt valleys, an initial coat of Ecodur was foamed using a safe, sustainable expanding agent. A second coat of Ecodur without additives was then applied in the opposite direction of the initial coat. Finally, a highly reflective, acrylic topcoat was applied to reduce cooling costs and reduce wear on HVAC equipment.

The entire project took just over a week and the leak-free roof is backed by a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. Most importantly, it was all done without disturbing the patients, staff, and visiting families below.