Opened in 1916 as a state-of-the-art meatpacking plant, the iconic Water Tower Place is perhaps one of Pueblo, Colorado’s most historic and recognizable buildings. With dual water towers reaching into the skyline, the property serves multiple purposes today. With a truly eclectic use of space, Water Tower Place is now home to a steel fabricator, collaborative workspaces, restaurants, event space, and more.


To better take advantage of some of the stunning views and Pueblo's dependably beautiful weather, the owners decided to convert some of the lower roof into outdoor event space. To achieve this, they needed a coating that was tough enough to stand up to event traffic, while maintaining waterproofing for the offices below.

Throughout the years, several products were tried in multiple attempts to find the ideal product. After failures of TPO, epoxy, and urethane products, it was time to find something stronger and longer-lasting.


With a long history in high traffic areas like parking structures, ship decks, and airplane hangars, Ecodur’s ability to stand up to abuse is well documented. With millions of gallons of tanks and millions of square feet of roofing protected, Ecodur has also proven its ability to waterproof even the toughest of projects.

With extreme adhesion, Ecodur can be installed without pressure washing in most cases, preventing further annoyance to the tenants below. Because Ecodur will always bond to existing Ecodur, it makes for easy repairs if event equipment were to gouge or otherwise damage the surface.

Application Results

A clean surface is a key to the success of any coatings project. The crew began by thoroughly sweeping the entire surface and scrubbing any caked on dirt with wire brushes. With the surface clean and ready, the crew focused on parapets, penetrations, and other details around the building side of the perimeter. By making sure to leave large tie-in areas, the crew ensured a quick project once they got to coating the field.

Using notched squeegees and ¾” nap rollers, the crew tied in all of their detail and perimeter, while quickly applying Ecodur to a uniform 50 mils. The extra thickness will allow Ecodur to stand up to even more use and abuse. Before the Ecodur cured, a grip aggregate was added to ensure that the surface will be non-slip when eventgoers eventually get to enjoy the space.

With several rainstorms already proving Ecodur’s effectiveness, the owners are now able to move on to the next stage, adding a railing and completing the event room that will flow into the newly created open-air area.