Although it may be aesthetically pleasing, it is generally not a great idea to build a roof using products not intended for roofing. As the owner of this beautiful vacation rental found out, the inferior materials did not even last 7 years, and a long-term solution was needed.


Whether due to improper installation or water incursion after the sealant began to fail, the texture layer of this dual cement layer system was separating from the smooth base layer.

As a result, there was moisture trapped between the layers and there was no visibility to track leak paths.


Proven to bond extremely well with cement and a multitude of other substrates, Ecodur was an easy choice.

Because Ecodur has no maximum curing thickness and can be thickened to a mastic grade, it works well to fill gaps, cracks, and holes from solar mounting.

Application Results

By scraping off the entire loose texture layer, the crew was able to expose a relatively smooth cement layer that was still in good condition. Due to Ecodur’s extreme adhesion, no primer was needed and Ecodur was also used to seal the new penetrations for the reinstallation of the solar system.

A reflective acrylic topcoat will help cool the building and reduce utility use during the hot summer months. The completed system eliminated all possible water incursion paths and will provide the owners with decades of trouble-free performance.