While metal is one of the most durable and long lasting roofing materials available, it does present certain challenges. Penetrations made for HVAC ducting, piping, venting, drainage and other considerations are frequent sources of leaks. As metal ages, it can prove to be a difficult substrate for coatings and other patches bond permanently to.


This shopping plaza in Fairfax, VA has a low-slope metal roof that was in mostly good shape. However, tenants were reporting leaks at HVAC ducting and other penetrations. The mastics that had been used for previous repairs aged quickly and cracked or peeled, causing the leaks to return. The frustrated property manager and tenants sought a better, permanent solution. Further complicating the search for a proper seal is the plan to coat the entire roof in a reflective coating within the next 5 years. This made it imperative the coating used for patching not prevent adhesion when the reflective coat is applied.


With 1000 PSI of pull-off strength from steel, Ecodur is an ideal choice for metal roofs Ecodur requires no primer or pressure washing to achieve complete bonding, and it can be thickened to fill gaps in penetrations. Ecodur readily accepts all known coatings and even helps improve top coat coverage rates. Because of its ability to completely bond to dissimilar materials, no changes are required for the metal, plastic, or masonry present on this project.

Application Results

Site preparation only required sweeping and blowing the work area, requiring no down time for drying. With the project area ready to coat, the penetrations were coated first and crushed walnut was used to thicken the Ecodur for filling gaps. The workers then moved on to a brick parapet wall leading into a gutter that was also fully coated. Thickness varied from 20 mils on the vertical wall to over 100 mils to fill larger gaps. This project created zero tenant disruption and left the property manager so thrilled that he wrote the contractor a glowing review.