With a wide array of services, including everything from oil changes to tires, suspension, and brakes, this rapid mechanic shop has a lot to offer. Often serving more than 30 customers a day, the location is a busy hub of activity.


With a leaking roof full of tears, cracks, and pinholes, the owner needed to find a solution that minimized disruption below. With a 7 day a week schedule, downtime was not an option.

The owner needed options that would not only allow the business to remain open, but would keep the employees, customers, and property below safe.


With Ecodur’s extreme adhesion, it can usually be applied without pressure washing, eliminating the possibility of interrupting staff and customers with leaks.

Because Ecodur is extremely tough, it can also usually be applied directly over embedded gravel without the need for tear-off or spudding. Plus, with zero VOC’s, Ecodur is safe to manually apply overhead without risk of sickness or overspray.

Application Results

To prevent flying gravel from hitting a person or their car, all loose gravel was manually removed before running a power broom over the entire roof deck. With the surface clean, dry, and tight, the crew began working on detail. While one member worked on perimeter edging, others focused on penetrations, HVAC pads, and substrate repairs. With the details and damaged areas addressed, it was time to move on to the field.

The field was coated by pouring Ecodur roof coating directly onto the roof and rolling to the desired 30 mils. From start to finish, this project took only a day and was completed before a storm moved in the following day.

Because Ecodur cures quickly and repels water even when wet, the roof was completely ready for the coming downpour. By choosing the Ecodur system, the owner was able to continue service to their customers while fixing the leaks and getting a roof that will protect their assets for decades to come.