With cool roofs gaining prevalence across the country due to their ability to reflect heat and reduce heating costs, it is increasingly difficult to find roof coatings in anything but white. When a site has historical significance, it is important to maintain as close as possible to the original color scheme.


This historical home was built in the early 1800’s, and when sections of the aged roof began to leak, a permanent solution was needed to maintain the hundreds of years of history.

A search for a suitably waterproof coating in the correct shade of gray yielded no results. The owners could not risk using an inferior product, regardless of color, that would not completely seal the roof. Tear off and replacement of the craft-built roof would be cost prohibitive and slow to fix the immediate issues.


A local Castagra Certified Applicator knew that with Ecodur’s superior waterproofing, toughness, and reception to additional coatings, it would readily accept and even increase the endurance of an appropriately colored paint.

Acting as both the waterproof layer and an enhancing primer for a tinted topcoat, Ecodur was applied manually over both the metal and EPDM sections, creating a seamless, monolithic layer. Ecodur thickened with crushed walnut was also used to fill gaps and cracks, leaving the new surface smooth.

Application Results

With all leaks sealed, and the roof preserved indefinitely, the owners can relax and take their time finding the perfect shade to finish the project.