EPDM is a popular and trusted type of single ply roofing membrane. As it ages, the rate of degradation increases year after year, making the membrane thinner and more fragile, while also making repairs more difficult. If not treated with a permanent solution in time, tear-off and replacement may be necessary.


This condo complex in Denver, CO has dozens of small, aging EPDM pads. Penetrations and skylights make replacement costly, and years of failing repairs were starting to pile up. The members of the HOA did not want a coating that required pressure washing and risked further interior damage from water incursion. They wanted a solution that would require minimal tenant disruption, offer long-term water proofing, and be cost effective.


Sustainably manufactured Ecodur is non-toxic, VOC free, and bonds extremely well to a variety of substrates and roofing materials. With its ability to completely bond with dissimilar materials, no primer is needed, even where transitioning from rubber roof to metal penetrations. Due to its extreme adhesion, pressure washing is generally not required. If future alterations are required, repairs and tie-ins can be made easily due to Ecodur’s ability to endlessly re-bond to itself.

Application Results

Site preparation only required sweeping and blowing the work area, requiring no down time for drying. With the project area ready to coat, the penetrations and skylight curbs were coated first. With the penetrations and curbs complete, the remaining field and edges were quickly and easily coated with no interruption to the tenants. For the field area, application depth averaged 30 mils, with some variation at the penetrations. This repair is ready to repel water immediately, and will fully cure in approximately 12 hours.