Who hasn’t dreamt of having a beautiful mountain cabin? Nestled in a rolling valley between two peaks of the Colorado Rockies, the owners of this custom home enjoy panoramic views and the natural wonder of all 4 seasons. However, some of those seasons bring rain, and with the rain came reminders that their EPDM roof was failing prematurely.


During rain and snow, the owners found themselves frustrated when their dream home leaked like something out of a nightmare. With nearly a dozen distinct sections and too many architectural features to count, re-roofing would be very costly, time-consuming, and disruptive to the family’s tranquility.

Further, fall-time weather in Colorado can be unpredictable at best. A storm during tear-off and replacement would risk damage to exposed wood and further damage to the rooms below.


Ecodur is a unique roof coating solution that enables complete waterproofing, sealing, and rejuvenation in a single pass. With a variety of colors, it can closely match the previous substrate and maintain the structure’s original design scheme.

Because of its extreme adhesion, Ecodur is generally applied without pressure washing, eliminating the potential for further water damage and shortening the project timeline. Because it is fluid-applied, it creates a tough monolithic membrane with no seams or other common leak sources.

Application Results

Working on a warm fall day with snow still on the ground nearby, the crew ensured that the entire roof deck was thoroughly cleaned and dry of any residual moisture. Using push-brooms for the majority of the surface, wire brushes in low lying areas with caked-on dirt, and finishing with blowers, the crew ensured that there was nothing to interfere with Ecodur’s ability to make a bond with the substrate.

Satisfied that the roof was clean, the crew cut in all the various shapes and parapets, paying extra attention to corners, seams, penetrations, and other leak-prone areas. With these areas completed, they left the Ecodur to cure overnight.

The following morning, with the detail areas cured and safe to work around without smearing, the crew used the squeegee and roller method to apply Ecodur over the remaining field to a consistent 30 mils. Safe, sound, and prepared for any weather, the family can resume the enjoyment of their pristine mountain get-away for decades to come without worries of a roof leak.