Growing cannabis indoors is the easiest way to control environmental conditions and ensure a consistent, medical-grade product. HVAC energy costs are a major consideration for growers, and proper building insulation plays a big role in reducing those costs. Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF may be the ultimate choice in insulation. With R values of up to 6.5 per inch, it can insulate even better than rigid foam boards. However, as SPF is generally applied over the top of a roofing structure, it must be protected from the elements.


This large indoor farm, previously used as a warehouse, had a relatively new SPF roof. But it was already leaking. Perhaps due to hail or animal damage, the existing acrylic coating was damaged in several locations allowing for water incursion.

Because cannabis cultivation facilities face strict scrutiny, they cannot allow any potential contamination from outside water, or organic growth it can create. The owners knew they needed to find a permanent, low maintenance solution that would not require tear-off or risk contaminating their crops.


With Ecodur roof coating’s extreme adhesion, it bonds better to swept surfaces than regular coatings adhere to pressure washed and primed substrates. This eliminated the risk of water contamination during the project.

Because Ecodur is VOC free, it was safe to apply near the HVAC units which supply the majority of the buildings carefully controlled air. Also used as a liner on some of the largest municipal water tanks, low spots and ponding areas are no threat to Ecodur’s seamless surface. Because it is easy to apply manually, there was no risk of overspray.

Application Results

Initial site prep consisted of thoroughly sweeping the entire roof deck and wire brushing any low spots or other areas with caked-on dirt present. Any areas of wet or damaged foam were cut out before filling any voids and blisters with Ecodur. Because Ecodur has no maximum thickness, it is an excellent choice for filling. Finally, it was time to coat the remaining roof deck. Using a squeegee and rollers, Ecodur was applied to a consistent 30 mils. With 100% solids, it quickly cured to the same thickness.

Leaks were fixed, problem areas addressed, and future problems were prevented, all without any disruption to the operations below. Ecodur roof coating will provide decades of protection with minimal maintenance.