Ecodur – The One-Stop VOC-Free Roof Coating That Takes On The Toughest Conditions.

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Phoenix, AZ. “We don’t need a dozen variants of our core coating Ecodur because, simply, it has such a broad range of high-performance characteristics for various roofing conditions that we don’t need them,” stated Castagra Products, Inc. CEO, Peter Roosen.

“Ecodur’s chemistry is complex, largely because of the castor oil fatty acid component, and this has resulted in its inherent robustness, extraordinary adhesion, exceptional cold weather application and ability to molecularly re-bond to itself fully should repairs become necessary.

“The high UV resistance comes largely from the gypsum content which also provides flame retardant effects as water vapor is given off under intense heating, hence the Class A flame retardant rating.”

Roosen said that while Ecodur is, typically, manually applied, it can be sprayed not only on horizontal surfaces but also vertical and all without the need for solvents in clean-up.

“We developed a special spray head that readily handles our product. When spraying ends, a simple router tool cleans the head out. Nasty solvents were something we wanted to avoid at all costs as their disposal is costly and potentially harmful to the environment and we have done precisely that.

“We have two major breakthrough areas which perfectly exemplify Ecodur’s versatility. Ecodur is proving to be an outstanding coating for cementitious roofs which are very hard to coat properly, particularly when they show advanced degradation through age. This is a major issue here in Arizona where we are headquartered as we have billions of square feet of it, much of it now needing remediation work.

“With the rapid advancement of cool roof coatings, Ecodur is turning out to be the go-to solution as a bleed through blocker primer as maintaining the brightness of white cool coatings is absolutely critical to maintaining lowered HVAC costs.”

Roosen said that Ecodur can also be foamed. “Foamed roof coatings are getting more popular as they provide an additional insulating effect without any impact on longevity. It will always be of paramount importance that the substrate is dry and free of obvious moisture immediately prior to application. With our phenomenal adhesion levels, we clearly have a big advantage over the competition where poor substrate preparation can make their foam coatings quickly vulnerable to adverse weather conditions.

“Ecodur has been and continues to be applied over such a wide range of surfaces, including frac tanks which often have chemically corrosive contents, to ship decks, water and sewage works, to frozen food storage buildings which shows that the core formulation really does not need to come in different products,

“When you have a coating product that is essentially a non-toxic, polymerized soft rock, it really is no surprise that it has such a great degree of versatility in the coatings world,” concluded Roosen.

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