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We received this testimonial from industry veteran San Diego Roofing (over 80 years old). We are truly grateful and humbled by this.

I've been working with Ecodur for a couple of years now, and it has changed the way we approach roof coating projects. I was initially drawn to Ecodur's superior adhesion, and have found multiple other advantages as well. The ability to confidently apply a roof coating product without pressure washing is huge for us. No more worrying about causing more damage in the process of beginning repair projects.

Additionally, we have found Ecodur to be the best bleed blocking product out there, and the only one that is waterproof on it's own. Rain used to be a major issue for us, and I have had days of work ruined by a surprise rain.

Now that we use Ecodur, that is not a concern. Ecodur is waterproof as soon as it is applied, and does not run off with the rain like other products. Other advantages include Ecodur's versatility. It can be thickened to any consistency desired, making it superior for crack and gap filling. Because it has no maximum mil thickness, I can use Ecodur to fill voids and create more level surfaces.

By adjusting the amount of foaming agent, it can even be used to create small crickets to improve water flow. Due to it's ability to self level, we get a great surface for our top coats, allowing us to use less product while maintaining even target mil thickness.

Thank you Castagra, keep up the good work!

Jef McCurdy
San Diego Roofing

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