Apartment owners know that disruptive repairs and renovations cause complaints and can even lead to a loss of revenue. Roofing projects can be among the most disturbing to tenant tranquility. Depending on the scope of work, owners might even have to rent hotel rooms for displaced residents.


An apartment owner in Denver had run out of patience with TPO. The newest of 3 layers had begun to fail and leak in just over 7 years, a far cry from the 20 years he was promised.

To make matters worse, the cost and inconvenience of tear-off and replacement were too high.


While searching for a quality alternative that would be considerate to the tenants, the apartment owner found a Castagra Certified Applicator. The roofing contractor explained how a coating system can rejuvenate and repair the roof without disturbing or displacing tenants. With its superior hardness, Ecodur will also help protect the building from hail strikes. And, because it is liquid applied, it installs seamlessly, eliminating weak spots.

There was just one more step. Because TPO formulation changes frequently and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, adhesion testing should be performed before proposing any coating product. Depending on the membrane’s age and UV exposure, plasticizers which prevent proper bonding can still be present. Following a successful and impressive adhesion test, the contractor was awarded the project. With the TPO membrane already in poor shape, pressure washing could exacerbate the problems and lead to damage in the second-floor apartments. Fortunately, Ecodur’s extreme adhesion allows for installation without the risk or waste of water.

Application Results

The crew began preparation by scrubbing areas with caked on dirt with a wire brush. Then they thoroughly swept and blew the entire roof deck. First to get coated were edges, the short parapets, penetrations and other details. By leaving accessible tie-ins they were able to quickly coat the remaining field to a consistent thickness of 30 mils.

At a fraction of the cost of tear-off and replacement the apartment owner was able to put an end to the disappointing cycle of premature TPO failure. The tenants and their belongings will be protected for decades to come with a single application of Castagra’s super tough Ecodur roof coating.