BUR (Tar & Gravel, Mineral Cap, Mod Bit, Torch Down)

At its core, built-up roofing (BUR) is a multilayered system of felt and asphalt that is sometimes left smooth but more often is topped with either hot-mopped mineral cap or gravel.

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Tar and gravel

Although modified asphalt has replaced tar, this type of system is still colloquially known as “tar and gravel.” Multiple layers of asphalt and felt are topped with a final flood coat of asphalt, into which gravel is embedded. Because of Ecodur Roof Coating's superior strength, after removing all loose gravel, these roofs can often be coated without spudding— which can represent a significant labor reduction and help keep your bids competitive!

torch down roof

Mineral cap sheet/Modified bitumen/Torch down

One of the most common looks for flat roofs, these types are characterized by their adhered roofing granules. Ecodur Roof Coating does a great job of soaking past the remaining granules and into the base. Even if a roof is heavily aged and has its fiberglass scrim showing, Ecodur’s incredible resistance to water, UV rays, hail, and anything else nature can throw at it allows it to rejuvenate these roofs for decades of continued service!

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Tar & Gravel RoofWatch

Coating a Tar and Gravel Roof (60% - 70% Labor Savings)

Preparing and coating tar and gravel roofs can be extremely difficult with a traditional roof coating approach. The traditional roof coating system simply does not have enough adhesion to stick to the tar and gravel roof effectively, so the workaround is extremely expensive.

How To Coat Tar & GravelWatch

How to Coat a Tar and Gravel Roof

Coating a tar and gravel roof is usually extremely difficult or expensive. Most roof coatings simply do not have enough adhesion to pull it off.

Restoring a Tar & Gravel RoofWatch

Restoring a Tar and Gravel Roof (Coatings)

Tar and Gravel is a very common roof type, but it traps a lot of heat, and the gravel layer can make it difficult to locate and repair leaks.

Pull Test (adhesion) Roof Coating Over Cap SheetWatch

Pull Test (Adhesion) - Roof Coating over Cap Sheet

We love testing out the extreme adhesion of Ecodur Roof Coating by doing pull tests! This one was done by roofing expert, Jef McCurdy, by placing Ecodur over cap sheet.

Torch Down Roof RepairWatch

Torch Down Roof Repair (Roof Coating)

Do you have a leaking torch down roof? Considering a full tear-off and replacement? This small apartment building had an aging torch down roof with leaks in several units...

Commercial Roof RepairWatch

Commercial Roof Repair (How To Stop Leaks Without Closing Your Business)

Do you have a leaky roof that needs to be repaired without closing the business below? No problem!

roof repair (2)Watch

Roof Repair - Fix Leaks Permanently With Minimal Disruption!

With cap sheet flashing separating at the seams, previous repairs failing, and a ballasted photovoltaic solar panel system, this career training academy had a difficult roofing problem.

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Case Study

Tar and Gravel Industrial Roof

Tar and gravel roofs (Built-up Roofing) have been a popular choice for many decades and generally have a 10 to 15-year lifespan in cities like San Diego. But, with the crack down on noxious fumes (VOCs)...

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Case Study

Nursing Home Roof

Nursing home roofing projects bring up many unique issues. Nursing homes need to run 24/7/365 and tenant disruption is simply not an option. When a nursing home has roof leaks, they need solutions that do not require moving clients out of their living quarters..

torch down roofLearn More
Case Study

Torch Down Roof

Modified bitumen, also sometimes known as torch down roofing, is a popular choice for many low slope roofing applications. With a relatively low cost and a long history of success, it can be a beneficial choice for many building owners...

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Case Study

Built-Up Roof Repair

Knowing a clients’ needs, budget and goals can help contractors choose the best course of action. This owner knew that they needed a new roof, but it was simply not in the cards this year. Fortunately, they met a Castagra Certified Applicator...

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Case Study

Mechanic Shop Roof Repair

With a wide array of services, including everything from oil changes to tires, suspension, and brakes, this rapid mechanic shop has a lot to offer. Often serving more than 30 customers a day, the location is a busy hub of activity.

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Case Study

School Roof Repair

With cap sheet flashing separating at the seams, previous repairs failing, and a ballasted photovoltaic solar panel system, this career training academy had a difficult roofing problem.

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Blog Post

Coating a Tar and Gravel Roof with No Spudding

Vigorous spudding can do more harm than good, especially with fragile substrates such as those often encountered with tar and gravel roofs. Roofers are very familiar with the long-handled tool...

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Blog Post

Top Coating a Tar and Gravel Roof with Ecodur

Tar and gravel is a simple, ‘old tech’ technique for protecting flat roofs, but become seriously problematical when their effective protective ‘life’ is over, leading to serious leaks as was the case here.

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Blog Post

Coating Tar and Gravel Roofs: Ecodur vs Common Competitors

Many roofers know that tar and gravel roofs pose unique challenges. They can wear unevenly due to gravel loss. They are a complete mess to tear off and replace...