How to Build a $100 Million Roofing Company

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You have a regional roofing company that’s doing well.

You’ve hustled to get clients, hired and trained your staff well to be professional around clients and deliver a quality job. As a result, your business has received great reviews and has led to a steady stream of referrals.

You’ve experimented with online ads, lead capture sites or services, direct mail, yellow pages, online directories, lunch and learns with varying levels of success. You want to grow your business, but the quality of work and customer service level drops off as your contracting company starts to grow past a certain size (typically more than 100 employees/subs).

But you want to grow more

Some roofing businesses do this by acquiring other roofing contractors in other areas and consolidating them under one brand, network or alliance but that has its limitations too. With the skills shortage in the roofing industry, scaling this type of business is really difficult.

For the truly ambitious roofing entrepreneur, there’s still hope. A contracting business might not be scalable but a roofing sales and distribution business is. Ken Hendricks started out as a regular roofer and grew his roofing distribution company (ABC Supply) into a $2.6 billion fortune.

But there’s one catch. You must secure the exclusive national rights to sell a truly revolutionary roofing product that greatly outperforms anything that’s currently available on the market. Then, you need to train and grow a sales team, which is a lot easier than finding workers who will go up on the roof every day.

What type of product are we talking about?

Let’s use roof coatings as an example.

You need a product that

- Is easy to prove in front of the customer with a simple pull test

- Can solve well-known problems that can’t be solved effectively by any other products

- Has an easily verifiable track record for durability under a variety of different conditions

- Is cost-effective to the clients and can support distributors margins

- Has secured projects with clients that are high-profile and household names (for example, NFL stadiums)

- Has the ability to solve a wide range of roof coating challenges for a large market potential

- Is better for the environment and safer for the roofers working with the material

- Is basically better in almost every way.

Well, here’s the thing

We have a coating (Ecodur) that meets those criteria, and we’re looking to partner with one ambitious, talented, resourceful roofing entrepreneur who wants to grow a distribution network.

We already have some interest, but we’re asking you because we want to ensure we get the best partner for this opportunity.

If you’re interested, contact us using the email below, and lets have a conversation.

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