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Veggie-Plastic for the Natural Marriage of Wood and Protection

PHOENIX, AZ. “After a quarter of a century protecting innumerable concrete and steel structures, our attention has been turning more and more to the vast amount of timber products that need protection against the elements,” said Castagra Products, Inc. CEO, Peter Roosen. “In North America alone, there are a billion wood railway ties and 160-180 [...]

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Unique Veggie-Plastic Coating Applied to Giant Wood Water Flume to Protect Humans and Habitat

Reno, Nevada – June 12, 2015 – A veggie-plastic coating that has proven itself in the tough US oil and gas market, is now bringing the same protection benefits for humans and habitat in the hydro-electric power and water supply industries. A 300-foot section of a giant 10-mile wood hydro-electric water flume on Mount Rainier [...]

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