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Why Are There More Men In The Oil And Gas Industry?

source   My earliest memory of being treated differently to a man was when I was five. I was in school and the male students left class because they were learning soccer, while we, the women, were learning to knit.   We weren’t given a choice.   Although this sounds like a powerful scene from [...]

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Female Professionals in Unconventional Industries

It is general knowledge that persons of any gender can do most jobs. But operator and laborer jobs tend to have a higher concentration of men than women. And women tend to make up the majority of clerical, service, and education jobs. But Catalyst, a non-profit organization who strives to make workplaces more inclusive for [...]

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Top 10 People to follow on Twitter for the Oil & Gas Industry

Did you know that one billion tweets are sent every 48 hours? Simplify your Twitter feed with our guide for the top 10 people to follow on Twitter for the oil and gas industry.   1. Oil & Gas Journal @OGJOnline The Oil & Gas Journal is targeted towards engineers, oil managers and executives in [...]

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