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How Drought-stricken Parts of the United States Conserve Water

Would you like a glass of refreshing sewage water along with that burger and fries? If you live in an area with limited drinking water, you may have no choice. In the drought-stricken area of Wichita Falls in Texas, city taps are flowing with treated sewage water. According to the Scientific American, the city has [...]

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Why I Am Grateful For Water

I rolled out of bed on an early spring morning and sleepily walked into the bathroom and turned the knob on the shiny, silver tap – nothing came out. I then sauntered to the kitchen to pour a fresh glass of water from the even bigger shiny, silver tap – nothing came out. I assumed [...]

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Simple Ideas Make a Big Difference: Water Conservation Solutions

Water is precious. It keeps us hydrated and flushes out toxins from our body. And as populations increase – along with higher living standards – water usage actually increases. Researches have found that since 1900, the United States saw the population growth double, but water usage increased by six-folds. A water shortage is a very [...]

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