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Water and Wastewater Conferences In 2015

  Are you looking to spruce up your water and wastewater knowledge in 2015 or perhaps take a well-earned working vacation? Now is the time to check out all the exciting up-and-coming water and wastewater conferences in 2015.   1. South Carolina Environmental Conference, March 15–17, South Carolina, US The South Carolina Environmental Conference is [...]

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5 iPhone Water and Wastewater Efficiency Apps

Whether we notice it or not, we are using water and producing wastewater with the majority of things we make or consume. Ramp up your water and wastewater efficiency today by checking out these 5 iPhone water and wastewater efficiency apps. And if you’re in the wastewater industry, check out these 10 useful apps.   [...]

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2014 Recap Part 5: Water and Wastewater

  For our fifth and final installment of our 2014 recap – click here for part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 – we’re ending it with water and wastewater. I must say, the industry is very colorful. There were a lot of moments that made me cringe and laugh, but the research [...]

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2014 Recap Part 1: Sustainability and Repurposing

  Like a lot of other companies, we’re gloriously counting down the last few days of 2014. And to get it started, we’re recapping some of our more popular blog posts of the year that we’ve enjoyed researching and writing for our clients and readers.   This will be the first installment of a five-part [...]

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How Dogs Affect Your Drinking Water

Did you know that what comes out of a cute little puppy can be as toxic (and smellier) than a chemical or oil spill. Yes, that’s right. Although dogs are cute, the steaming gifts they leave us are not.   The average dog produces approximately 3/4 pounds of poop every day. And as 40% of [...]

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W&WW Articles You Can Read and Share on Earth Day

Did you know that more than 1 billion people participate every year to celebrate Earth Day? Are you one of them?   To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of some tips and ideas that will hopefully get you thinking about Earth Day and how to keep this beautiful planet running for generations [...]

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Inspiring and Educational Videos About Water & Wastewater

1. Will it Flush? There are some risky flushers out there who will try and flush anything down a toilet. Tracy Stevens a pre-treatment technician tests what is and what isn’t flushable.     2. Wally’s Wastewater Treatment Plant A young child, by the name of Wally, built a wastewater treatment plant out of LEGO. [...]

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Cheese Wastewater to Power 3,000 Homes

Wisconsin is one of the largest producers of cheese and in 2012 manufactured nearly 3 billion pounds, 25% of all the cheese made in the U.S. But surprisingly only about 10% of the milk used in the process ends up in the cheese leaving an abundance of milky wastewater left over from rinsing the processing [...]

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Top 11 People in the Water and Wastewater Industry to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is jam packed full of exciting water and wastewater information. Check out our handy guide to our top 11 favorite people to follow on Twitter.   1.@WaterWired by Michael E. Campana Meet freshwater enthusiast Mr. Campana. He is the Professor of Hydrogeology and Water Resources Management in the Geography Program of the College of [...]

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Cool Water and Wastewater Robots and Vehicles

The water and wastewater industry is a complex maze of pipes, canals, tanks, and so much more. But every part plays an intricate role in keeping communities going. However, professionals in the industry sometimes need external help because water and wastewater levels can become contaminated with pollutants or toxic chemicals that are unsafe for human [...]

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