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Why Is Wastewater Making Its Way Into Beer?

  Anyone fancy a frosty glass of activated sludge wheat beer? It turns out some Americans do. Recently Oregon and Milwaukee followed in the footsteps of Texas by turning wastewater into drinkable water. However, instead of drinking the water, Oregon and Milwaukee home brewers are turning it into some good ol’ fashioned beer. So, why [...]

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Creating a New Solution for Napa County’s Wine Wastewater Disposal

source   Visit Napa Valley, California and you will see bushels of plump grapes hanging from trees bathing in the golden sunlight. What you probably won’t see is the amount of wastewater that is produced from turning these unassuming grapes into gleaming bottles of wine. In fact, Napa Valley wastewater disposal is so expensive and [...]

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Four Unique Types of Food Wastewater Used to Generate Energy

Energy can be produced from a variety of interesting sources like manure wastewater to beer wastewater. We decided to look at the more appealing (and less, ahem, fragrant) wastewaters from food to find four unique types of food wastewater used to generate energy.   1) Coffee Wastewater   Do you like a steaming cup of [...]

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Chinese Scientists Remove Lead from Wastewater with Bacteria

A team of Chinese researchers has found a promising method to remove lead from wastewater using the bacteria Escherichia coli.   The effort, led by Jing Zhao of Nanjing University and Peking University’s Shenzhen Graduate School, is an innovate and sustainable solution to a rising problem of high amounts of lead in wastewater in China. [...]

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Repurposing Sewer Pipes and Wastewater Structures

Sewer pipes do more than just hold and collect raw sewage. They also house people, make great wine and shoe racks, and an interactive museum. If you don’t believe me, scroll down for some interesting and wonderful things sewer pipes get used as.   Turtles These are playground turtles made from recycled sewer pipes in [...]

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Wastewater Recycling at the Olympics

Do you ever wonder what happens to the wastewater you flush down the toilet? Also known as blackwater, it can be sanitized and used to fill toilets and produce energy for events such as the 2012 London Summer Olympics and 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.   Wastewater at the Vancouver Olympics The 2010 Vancouver Olympics used [...]

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Giving Back: Water & Wastewater Edition

Here are some top players in the water and wastewater industry being charitable year-round.   American Water   In addition to providing communities with fresh drinking water daily, American Water and its employees also participate in local programs and communities around the world. They have partnered with United Way and Water For People to aid [...]

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Sustainability in Oil & Gas Production, Exploration: On Site Wastewater Treatment in Fracking

Water and wastewater management is an important step in oil and gas production and exploration – particularly in fracking, where water is used as a key part of the process. It is essential to increase sustainability wherever possible, and on-site wastewater treatment in fracking is set to become essential to the practice of fracking.   [...]

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Innovation in Wastewater Technologies

The wastewater industry is continually updating its technologies as new innovations are discovered and implemented. The wastewater industry was once thought of as a problem that needed solving, but these days, wastewater is treated as a resource to exploit for good, via harnessing its energy. There are several primary treatment stages in wastewater treatment, including, [...]

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