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Q&A: Low VOC High-Impact Coatings for River Structures

Q: The VOC issue has been our biggest challenge. Our primary application is one of constant immersion in river water accompanied with a tremendous amount of impact from floating debris. Do you have a low-VOC solution that can handle the floating logs and churning sand? A: Our Ecodur 201 products will work well for this [...]

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14 Tips on Reducing or Eliminating Solvent Use in the Industrial Coatings Industry

Industrial and manufacturing companies rely on solvents for a myriad of activities like, cleaning and degreasing machinery and surfaces, and coatings and paints. But many of these solvents contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), which can be mostly found in many cleaning solutions due to their effectiveness at dissolving and removing grease. But once it’s emitted [...]

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How To Prepare for the Various VOC Coating Regulations

  The world of coatings is facing a growing crackdown in the developed world, particularly the US and Europe, on the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in the majority of them.   VOCs are generally the nasty, almost pervasive ‘smell of paint’ that can creep through a building being coated even with doors closed.   [...]

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