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It’s Bite the Bullet Time for U.S. Infrastructure Now That the Economy is Rebounding,’ says Coating Boss

Gulf Restoration Network RENO, NEVADA, JULY 14, 2014 – Industrial coatings company Castagra Products’ CEO, Peter Roosen, says now is the time for the US to really bite the bullet with the economy rebounding and address major infrastructure deficits such as the state of drinking water and wastewater installations and pipes. “With employment on the [...]

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Ecodur 201: Los Angeles Superior Compton Courthouse (Aquablocx)

A 15,000 gallon water tank on the 14th floor of a Los Angeles court house in Compton needed emergency repairs as it was leaking. The water was potentially a threat to the electronics of a new elevator system being installed. The situation became a Class 1 emergency when it was realised that no sprinkler water [...]

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Sustainable Coatings for the Present and the Future

Sustainability is now at the forefront for all a lot of industries, especially in the coatings industry where toxic chemicals and materials are used.   Steven Danielpour, author of Coatings: Shifting the Paradigm and director of firmwide specifications at HOK, mentions that “new technologies and processes will help deliver the innovations needed to respond to [...]

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