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Interesting Water and Wastewater Trends for 2014 and Beyond

Stormwater Redirection via Rain Gardens   Rain gardens are an environmentally friendly way to manage stormwater. Before stormwater reaches the ocean or the storm drain system, rain gardens filter and clean the runoff, reducing the amount entering the drain system. An example of this is Fisherman’s Wharf Park in Victoria, BC, Canada, where the 352 [...]

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Futuristic Wastewater Facilities

Jackson Pike and Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant Suggested by Barry Walkenshaw, Ohio Water Environment Association   The Division of Sewerage and Drainage in Columbus, Ohio, manages two wastewater treatment facilities: Jackson Pike and Southerly. Wastewater from Columbus and 22 suburban communities flows to one of these two plants. The Southerly plant has two parts: the [...]

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