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How to Hire a Good Coating Applicator

  Hiring a good coating applicator is the key to a successful project. The applicator you select will determine the outcome of the original project objective. In order to avoid hiring an under qualified contractor, here are ten traits you should pay close attention to when hiring a good coating applicator.   1. References and [...]

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Tips to Making a Great Case Study for Your Coating Business

  We’ve already talked about how to win more coating bids. Now we want to talk about how to make a great case study for your coating business.   A good case study is typically made up of three basic elements: a challenge a business faced, the solution found, and the benefits gained.   But [...]

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How To Manage a Successful Coating Project – Part Two

Yesterday, we posted part one of ‘How To Manage a Successful Coating Project’. Today is our final installment of the series.   Did we miss any? Share with us on twitter @castagra   1. Ensure proper surface prep before deployment   This is perhaps the most important step in any successful coating project because it [...]

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How To Manage a Successful Coating Project – Part One

Being an effective manager can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction and successful project completion. Stand out from your competitors by completing a timely and effective coating project with our tips in our two-part series.   1) Have a project plan   Plans keep your employees accountable and provide the what, when, where and [...]

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14 Tips on Reducing or Eliminating Solvent Use in the Industrial Coatings Industry

Industrial and manufacturing companies rely on solvents for a myriad of activities like, cleaning and degreasing machinery and surfaces, and coatings and paints. But many of these solvents contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), which can be mostly found in many cleaning solutions due to their effectiveness at dissolving and removing grease. But once it’s emitted [...]

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