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4 Methods of More Sustainable Tar Sand Technology

1. University of Alberta – Solar Energy Technology   source: A civil engineering graduate student simulates the solar UV/chlorine treatment process.   Researchers from the University of Alberta have produced a solar-powered technology to extract 75 to 84% of dangerous contaminants from oil sands tailings. Oil sands tailings (liquid toxic leftovers from oil extraction) currently [...]

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3 High-Tech Gadgets Boosting the Safety of the Oil and Gas Industry

Considering we now live in a world where a car can drive itself and a robot can play a mean game of ping-pong, it’s no big surprise the oil and gas industry is unveiling its own variety of high tech gadgets to improve safety and, well, look pretty cool amongst its competitors.   Keep an [...]

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First Ever Storage Terminal App for Equipment & Service Providers

  We’re happy to report that the storage tank industry can now fit in your pocket. Well, most of it anyway.   Independent Storage Terminal created the first ever storage terminal app (Equipment & Service Providers) for industry professionals around the world. It was designed with ease and functionality in mind to allow users of [...]

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Oil and Gas Centers of Excellence: GE Leads the Way in Innovation

General Electric (GE) is creating waves in oil and gas. It invested $5 million to build the Norway Technology Solutions Center that was unveiled on August 25th, 2014. And it’s impressive on all levels.   Was it really worth the investment?   GE thinks so. It believes that the center will support global oil and [...]

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Innovation in Wastewater Technologies

The wastewater industry is continually updating its technologies as new innovations are discovered and implemented. The wastewater industry was once thought of as a problem that needed solving, but these days, wastewater is treated as a resource to exploit for good, via harnessing its energy. There are several primary treatment stages in wastewater treatment, including, [...]

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