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Four Practices to Help Your Coating Business Become More Sustainable

  Sustainability is a concept that has emerged and evolved over the years as a result of increased awareness surrounding the unintended social, environmental, and economic consequences due to rapid population and economic growth, and consumption of natural resources. All industries, including the coating industry, are not immune to this.   And by developing and [...]

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3 Unique Ways Nature Helps Clean Up Oil Spills

Companies can clean oil spills with expensive machinery and strong chemicals, but what if the answer to sustainably cleaning up oil spills is right in front of us? Nature supplies everything we need to survive. It also helps us when we make man-made faux pas.   Check out these three unique ways that nature helps [...]

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4 Methods of More Sustainable Tar Sand Technology

1. University of Alberta – Solar Energy Technology   source: A civil engineering graduate student simulates the solar UV/chlorine treatment process.   Researchers from the University of Alberta have produced a solar-powered technology to extract 75 to 84% of dangerous contaminants from oil sands tailings. Oil sands tailings (liquid toxic leftovers from oil extraction) currently [...]

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An Environmentally Friendly Way to Extract Petroleum from Oil Sands

source   Canadian company MCW Energy Group (MCW) has invented the first environmentally friendly oil sands extraction project in North America.   MCW, a fuel distributor to the US since 1938, uses a unique technology to extract oil from oil sands. Its closed-loop extraction technology requires no water, no high pressures or temperatures and features [...]

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Unique and Sustainable Ways to Manage and Clean Water

Today, I had two realizations when I walked my dog at a park. Realization 1: There are a lot of disgusting bodies of stale water lurking in canals and puddles. Realization 2: My dog is disgusting, because he likes to drink from disgusting puddles. Although I can’t do anything about realization 2, I found some [...]

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Remarkable Research Turns Plastic Bags Into Petroleum Products

I hate plastic bags. No matter how many beautiful and bright purple reusable bags I buy, I nearly always forget to use them and walk out of grocery stores with plastic bags muttering angrily under my breath that I will never do this again. And then I do it again. I really have no clue [...]

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Annual Coating Inspection of the Johnny G. Martinez Water Treatment Plant

The Johnny G. Martinez Water Treatment Plant is one of two water treatment plants in Tempe, AZ. Due to population growth there was a need to expand the plant to 80 million gallons a day capacity. The expansion project created the first large scale UV facility for drinking water disinfection in Arizona. Two covered 12 [...]

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How Dogs Affect Your Drinking Water

Did you know that what comes out of a cute little puppy can be as toxic (and smellier) than a chemical or oil spill. Yes, that’s right. Although dogs are cute, the steaming gifts they leave us are not.   The average dog produces approximately 3/4 pounds of poop every day. And as 40% of [...]

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