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Protective Coatings: The Way Forward, Naturally.

Phoenix, AZ. “We see a clear path to pushing the green product boundaries even further. We already have the greenest protective coatings commercially available with performance considerably superior to most conventional ones,” said Castagra Products, Inc. CEO, Peter Roosen. “But, we are not standing still. The bioplastics industry is expanding rapidly with a wide variety [...]

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Ecodur 201: Using Sustainable Coatings to Coat a Business Park Fountain

Fountain features are common in thousands of business parks, housing projects and city centers throughout America. They typically consist of a containment area, piping and pumps, and electrical cables. In almost all cases, the water is highly chlorinated to kill off bacteria and potentially unsightly algae. It is the chlorine which is almost always the [...]

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Sustainable Coatings for the Present and the Future

Sustainability is now at the forefront for all a lot of industries, especially in the coatings industry where toxic chemicals and materials are used.   Steven Danielpour, author of Coatings: Shifting the Paradigm and director of firmwide specifications at HOK, mentions that “new technologies and processes will help deliver the innovations needed to respond to [...]

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How To Prepare for the Various VOC Coating Regulations

  The world of coatings is facing a growing crackdown in the developed world, particularly the US and Europe, on the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in the majority of them.   VOCs are generally the nasty, almost pervasive ‘smell of paint’ that can creep through a building being coated even with doors closed.   [...]

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