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“There’s Plastic..Then There’s Plastic.” Veggie-Plastic CEO, Joins Clamor for Elimination of Single-Use Plastic Bags.

“Plastic waste is a problem as big as the oceans where so much of it ends up killing wildlife and causing growth abnormalities in sea life such as shrimps,” commented Castagra Products, Inc. CEO Peter Roosen. “We got along very well before the advent of plastic bags and plastic containers. There are hundreds of millions [...]

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Why Is Wastewater Making Its Way Into Beer?

  Anyone fancy a frosty glass of activated sludge wheat beer? It turns out some Americans do. Recently Oregon and Milwaukee followed in the footsteps of Texas by turning wastewater into drinkable water. However, instead of drinking the water, Oregon and Milwaukee home brewers are turning it into some good ol’ fashioned beer. So, why [...]

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4 Sustainability Lessons Statoil Can Teach Any Oil and Gas Corporation

source   I was super surprised to hear that 10 oil and gas companies made it into the 2015 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations In The World Index this year (Global 100 index). This included Statoil, a Norwegian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Stavanger, Norway.   So what did these oil and gas [...]

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Redesign and Reclamation of Oil Sands and Their Surroundings

source: Oil Sands   Oil sand reclamation in Alberta has had a rocky start. According to Yale Environment 360, a publication of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, “less than one square mile of the 296 square miles of land that has been disturbed by tar sands development has been certified as being [...]

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2014 Recap Part 1: Sustainability and Repurposing

  Like a lot of other companies, we’re gloriously counting down the last few days of 2014. And to get it started, we’re recapping some of our more popular blog posts of the year that we’ve enjoyed researching and writing for our clients and readers.   This will be the first installment of a five-part [...]

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4 Ways to Make Fracking Greener and More Sustainable

stephen bowler   Did you know fracking can be done more safely?   I used to think that the environmental and societal damage from fracking was inevitable, and that’s why changes weren’t taking place.   But it turns out, fracking can be done in a more sustainable way. But a lot of the time it [...]

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Should Sustainability Reporting Be Made Mandatory?

source   We all want to fit in and be liked. The same goes for companies. That’s why companies haven’t been jumping on the voluntary sustainability reporting bandwagon.   It’s like putting all of your dirty (or sustainably cleaned) laundry out there and waiting to see what the public thinks about you. I imagine it’s [...]

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Water Tanks You Want to Live In

Last year, we wrote an article that highlighted how old tanks are cleverly renovated into something completely different to extend its life and reduce trash.   And now a year later, the sustainability bug is still going strong as more and more architects and designers are making smart approaches to reusing old water tower structures [...]

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How to Make Mining Water Sustainable

I was surprised to read that mining uses about 20% of the earth’s water. Although nearly everything needs water for production, such as food, plastic or cars, I couldn’t help but wonder why on earth so much water was needed for mining. Was it to rinse off huge, sparkling diamonds, or perhaps to quench the [...]

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Does Your Company Have a Sustainability Campaign?

Does your company have a sustainability campaign? If so, do you embrace the movement and really get behind it?   Here at Castagra, we do our best to lower our carbon footprint by practicing and encouraging sustainability techniques for all employees. For starters, we use very little paper. Instead, we have embraced technology and now [...]

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