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Photography Tips for the Oil & Gas and Storage Tank Industry

It’s nearly impossible to not carry around some type of camera – whether it’s a camera phone, point-and-shoot, or professional camera. But have you ever taken a photo for work and got frustrated with the quality of the shot? And if you work in the industrial industry, like oil and gas or tank storage industry, [...]

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Top Tank Storage Websites Used by Professionals

  If you’re in the tank storage business, you may know of these resource websites already – or have them bookmarked or are a frequent visitor – but we asked some of the industry’s top professionals on which websites or forums they use to get caught up-to-date on industry news.   If a website or [...]

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Top 5 Storage Tank Resource Sites

  1. Tank Storage Magazine: The only publication dedicated 100% to the bulk liquid storage industry, Tank Storage Magazine provides an online resource directed at terminal managers, senior engineers, logistics/distribution managers, and CEOs within oil, gas, and petrochemical facilities, as well as third-party terminal operators. The website includes details on terminal expansion products, recent [...]

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Grow your contacts in the tank storage industry!

Social networking sites are increasingly popular. Through them, we can communicate with like-minded individuals from all over the world. Tankchat offers something more. It is an industry specific site that allows you to not only connect with others, but promote your business as well. Tankchat’s members come from all over the globe, their various occupations [...]

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