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Steel Tank Product Awards Winners

Here is a list of the STI/SPFA’s Annual Product Award winner for 2013. We want to congratulate the winners for their hard work and dedication. Visit the STI/SPFA website for additional information. 2013 STORAGE TANK SAFETY AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Recognizes companies whose employees have experienced a ZERO (0.00) OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate for 12 [...]

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5 terrible storage tank explosions that will make you review your safety procedures.

Here is a collection of bad storage tank explosions. Post your best storage tank safety tip in the forum or send us a note tatsuya.n at and we’ll post it at the bottom of this blog post! 1. Nasty Big Oil Tank Explosion 2. Incredible Tank Battery Explosion from 200 yards away! Lamesa, TX [...]

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